What can you offer this community?


(Richard Millington) #1

Hey everyone,

I was curious for everyone in FeverBee Experts, what side skills do you have?

Besides managing communities, what else would you say you’re talented at or have experience in?

Some examples here might include professional skills like data analytics, web design, accounting, law, proofreading, copywriting, direct marketing or more homely skills such as cooking, languages, and sporting talent.

Besides doing community work, I’ve recently been learning data analytics- which I’m finding pretty useful. I also have a fairly decent grasp of Lithuanian.

How about you folks?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Great question. I’m really curious to see what skills others have.

I’m pretty sure you have more skills than that Rich. Public speaking springs to mind…

I have a background in (physical) architecture, UX, digital design, and software development.
I’m a mother of twins, a good cook, an interior designer and a certified gym instructor.
And I tell a great story.

(Mark Williams) #3

Like Hawk, I have a background and a foreground in software development (I just finished a full-stack web dev bootcamp). I taught myself sql to do analytics at my last company. I can yell at vendors for hours. I read contracts for fun and maybe should have been a lawyer (and I’ve rewritten terms of use 3 different times). I don’t mind organizing volunteers and will happily take over your volunteer checkin booth. I spend more time than I should have to finding decent media with strong women roles to offset the princess atmosphere thus to hopefully raise two confident girls. I’ve preached from a church pulpit and would like to do more (and I’m an atheist). I tend to mix a strong drink and will happily do so if you ever stop by the house.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

I’m on my way.

(Mark Baldwin) #5

I worked for many years as a producer/project manager, so I have developed an understanding of microsoft project (an incredibly powerful tool) I have some serious planning and budgeting skills. It also means I have developed more “people skills” which has been a big help in my current role. I also picked up some culinary skills during the year I was out of work, so I can rustle up a decent curry. I enjoy public speaking, but I don’t get many opportunities these days.

(Nick Emmett) #6

Great topic!

I worked in Learning & Development for 10 years at one of the UK’s largest insurers so have a decent background in operational training, instructional design and building elearning. That’s how I got my start in to communities via @Mike_Collins

Academically I went to music college and studied jazz and popular music for three years where I played guitar, sang and generally had some great times.

Not a skill but a couple of passions are Business Culture - I love reading about how different companies work and what makes them tick - and Film Music - I love the musical score that brings movies to life. I took a distance learning course 10 yeas ago around Music For The Media which was awesome but never developed into anything for me.

(Travis King) #7

I have a background in web design and public speaking. I read anything I can get my hands on and also dabble in photography, cooking, language learning and music. I also major in drinking coffee :coffee:

(Andrew Youderian) #8

Other than Community Management I’d say I know a bit about eCommerce, marketing/SEO and finance.

I have a little bit of technical knowledge, but usually just enough to know how to get into a system and break things. But it is helpful when I’m working with developers so I can talk somewhat intelligently and know if they’re doing a good job or sandbagging me. :slight_smile:

Looking for great examples of LinkedIn profiles
(Jess Burnham) #9

I’ve taken courses in Interactive Design which involved a range of coding and design principles. It didn’t really stick, aside from dabbling in typography and feeling like I’ve earned the right to be judgemental about poor design choices (for example, the City of Vancouver’s new logo: http://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/it-is-an-insult-city-artists-deeply-disappointed-with-new-vancouver-logo … and that cost $8k)

My Interactive Design diploma also opened a lot of doors for me to work in tech, which was the original goal.

I’ve also found a knack for writing, particularly writing cover letters. I received some sage advice from one of my Business Development profs in university and have been able to apply that to a range of different professions. I haven’t found a way to capitalize on that idea yet, but I think there’s an opportunity there for some side gigs.

Looking for great examples of LinkedIn profiles
(Renée Van Holsteijn) #10

Community management, content management and wordpress are my online skills.
Offline it’s all about music: I’ve got a lot of experience in pr and communications for (music) events. Worked for the biggest and smallest ones in Holland.
And, the one I’m most proud of, I’m pretty good in organising pop music quizzes :slight_smile: I’ve been doing that for years now, in bars, at companies, on weddings etcetera.

(Suzi Nelson) #11

This is a great question - what a talented group of cmgrs!

I suppose marketing, especially content marketing. Previous to this community thing, I had a lot of marketing/copywriting positions in e-commerce, non-profit, and small business. I used to edit books as a side gig back when I was a broke graduate.

Now days when I’m not doing community work, I still go back to my writing roots. I also binge-watch Netflix and can fit in a weird quote from 30 Rock into just about any conversation. That’s a skill, right?

Like @Nick_Emmett (hi!) some of my educational background is in music (guitar & voice). I used to play in bands and open mics back in the day.

Marketing a content piece
(Sarah Hawk) #12

Sounds like we could put together a pretty awesome band (that I could not contribute to!). @colleenyoung is also a musician.

(Todd Nilson) #13

Let’s see, in addition to online community strategy, my online skills are in MMORPG (game design), gamification, recruiting (about 15 years’ worth!), social media marketing, and blogging.

Offline, well, I’ve got a background in tap dancing…

(Robert McIntosh) #14

Wine! Drinking it mainly, but I have been involved with running tastings, marketing wineries and also selling it to restaurants. I’ve done some of the required courses, but I find education kills the enthusiasm - particularly if you want to write about it for consumers.

I also speak a few languages, having lived around the world, so English, Spanish, French, Italian and a smattering of German and also of Bulgarian (I lived there for a year in the 90s).

Event organising - I ran an annual conference for 300 people in different countries, so as well as building the community around the conference, we actually had to run the event too, and we got pretty good feedback for our events.

On a more personal note, I’ve recently started getting into gardening and the construction skills it requires (with some basic woodwork, plumbing of guttering and a first dabble with soldering. I’ve spent so many years doing this on computers and on the phone that I just HAD to start making some REAL things for a change :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #15

Really? You kept that pretty quiet!

(Mark Williams) #16

I totally get this and do the same for the same reason.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #17

I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to online/digital. I’m an okayish software developer (studied computer science), know my way around marketing automation tools, can find my way around photoshop, can wrangle with excel, Tableau and some other data-analysis tools, know a fair bit of community management, can design a website etc.

Apart from that, I’m a pretty good squash player, like to run, I’m one of the better cooks in my circle of friends and I’m a pro at remembering facts that aren’t useful :slight_smile:

(Mark Baldwin) #18

This 100% I reckon we could put together a great pub quiz team. :slight_smile: I am also really nerdy about classic films and TV, usually sci fi.

(Jessie Schutz) #19

I used to sling coffee at Starbucks, for about four years altogether if you add up my various stints. I can handcraft a HELL of a beverage.

I’m a classically trained vocalist. There was a time in my life (when I had more energy) that I was in at least three musicals a year. I’ve been singing with the Philharmonic Chorus of Madison since 2007, and I’m toying with the idea of auditioning for the Madison Opera Chorus and the Madison Savoyards.

I’m also really good at home improvement stuff. I’ve even installed my own dishwasher.

Oh! And I’m really good at sewing. I’ve sewn some costumes to wear for conventions and Renaissance Faires. :smiley:

(Todd Nilson) #20

It’s not really something you get to demonstrate in an online venue. :slight_smile: