What are your hashtag best practices?

(Robert Pleticha) #1

When communicating about your online community on traditional social media, what best practices do you follow for when using hashtags? For example, I use Facebook to promote links to our upcoming in person local events and sometimes have an associated hashtag.

Let me share my list so far, critiques and input welcome:
-Keep it short, memorable and unique to your brand. If you can search it on Twitter or Facebook and a bunch of other unrelated posts appear, find another hashtag
-Limit to 1 hashtag communicated per event to keep things together
-Don’t use a hashtag in a post solely for emphasis. Hashtags should have a function of helping to collect other related posts
-Hashtags look like spam if they are used too often

(Robert McIntosh) #2

always use with a #pinchofirony

remember to #break #rules #regularly


(#)markdown plays havoc with hashtags