What are you working on vs what have you achieved?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

We’ve been running [What are you working on this week?] threads for the last few weeks and some interesting conversations have come out of them, but there is potentially more value in discussing what we achieved last week.

The what are you working on ones are great for new users, because the huge welcome threads are cumbersome and off putting if you’ve never posted before.

The what have you achieved approach probably offers more value for everyone in that it holds us accountable for our work, gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our effectiveness, and affords others the opportunity to learn from us.

What are your thougths on these two approaches? Is there room for both?

[29 August] What are you working on this week?
[September] What have you accomplished this month?
(Nick Emmett) #2

Hmmmm, this is an interesting one. I like both angles - one looking at goals and one looking at achievement. I’m not sure I think there’s a need for a thread on each one, essentially that could see us having two threads that kinda say the same thing, one with the tick-boxes, the other with the ticks!

Perhaps something along the lines of a monthly feature thread, highlighting the biggest thing you achieved that month?

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

When I was an academic, I found it useful to look back at what I had accomplished that week. In a world where there are tangible evidence of success comes along only rarely, it was good to take a step back and see that though a paper hadn’t been published, some things had happened to move closer to that goal.

It seems, though, for a community, “what am I doing?” is a more productive question. Someone else might have some idea of how to accomplish that or resources or whatever. If it’s “what have I done” then there is room for little more than an attaperson.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

I like this.

From the perspective of existing members, “what am I doing” makes sense and draws out interesting discussions.

But my question originated from a discussion that I had with Rich when he was writing this post. I was thinking about what emotions we want people to feel when they visit this community and I hit on inspiration, awe and empowerment.

From a wider community health perspective (especially if we’re talking acquisition) then I think ‘what I have achieved’ probably stimulates that emotive response in others more than what they hope to achieve does.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

Love this idea. Do you think it makes sense to do on the first of the month for the one prior?

(Nick Emmett) #6

Yeah, I think we would see this opening on the 1st and maybe lasting for couple of weeks, or the whole of the month, for people to talk about last month’s achievements.