What are you passionate about?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

I’d love to get a big picture of the diversity of skills and interests that we have here. What aspects of community (or otherwise) are you particularly interested in, knowledgeable on or passionate about?

My background lies in UX and I’m fascinated by ‘captology’ (or persuasive technology). Essentially, creating software or online experiences (in my case community platforms) that are addictive.

Outside of work, I’m passionate about wine and the gym.

The games we play
(ForumSentinel) #2

I love the social aspect (funny since I’d consider myself anti-social or introverted in general.) I just enjoy the camaraderie from similar minded people, shooting the breeze and messing around. I guess it’s the softer skills I enjoy.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

You’re not alone according to @jessicamalnik

(Nick Emmett) #4

So for me I love learning and I love to help others learn, so connecting people to other people and to information is awesome for me. With the community i’m managing right now I’m working on getting people to share their stories with the community in terms of sharing things that have happened to them, story style, rather than simply answering questions with tips and advice (although this is the meat and gravy of what we do).

Outside of work I love to run, (my me time, clears my head and helps me think), I’m a straight up family man, love spending time with my wife and two young boys, and I love music of any and every genre (although I have a passion for all things move soundtrack, Frank Sinatra and classic soul music).

(Anton) #5

There are plenty of statistical proof that introverts are ruling the world :wink:

Outside of my job, I love volleyball (both in-room and beach one), biking and swimming.

When it comes to my job, I’m a bug-free software addict. When I deliver software, I do whatever I can to make it have zero bugs in it. Then I contemplate my software being used for years with no bugs at all and it’s ecstasy for me. So I can say I’m passionate about getting rid of bugs.

Regarding community building, I’m not yet a pro, but I’d like to learn cracking people’s addictism, so I spend quite a lot of time reading and learning about it.

(Alena Rybik) #6

When it comes to community management, I love working with user generated content - it’s an endless well of possibilities and I am always amazed at people’s creativity and quality of the final outcome. I am also passionate about privacy and security and enjoy building personal relationships with my members.

@HAWK: I am also passionate about wine :wink: Any Kiwi wine you can recommend?

@meglio: Getting rid of all bugs is quite a quest! Do you play any computer games? I work in the game industry and bugs are the bane of my work days :slight_smile:

(Mark Baldwin) #7

I can’t help but gamify everything. :slight_smile: @alenarybik good to see that I’m not alone in my suffering of bugs. The games industry also has a unique community, very demanding and very entitled.

I’m passionate about running at the moment, would really like to run a marathon at some point. Did a half marathon last year and I’m doing a fun obstacle race next month. I run for the charity Special Effect. They do great things for disabled people who love playing video games, the work they do is fantastic.

(Alena Rybik) #8

The games industry also has a unique community, very demanding and very entitled.

Very true @Mjbill ! While fellow community managers from other industries work hard on increasing engagement and sense of ownership, my main headache is too much sense of ownership and the consequences of that :slight_smile:

(Mark Baldwin) #9

This 100% :slight_smile: Working with free to play games, the level of entitlement when you make changes is astounding. People playing for hours and hours without spending any money and feeling that they own everything. However, having said that, if you find a very passionate fan, they are excellent evangelists and that is like gold.

(Sarah Hawk) #10

Most definitely!

I love pinot gris, and my two favourite reasonably priced ones are The Ned and the Stoneleigh Latitude

If you like sauvignon blanc, then Cable Bay is a good one.

If you like dessert wine, you can’t go past the Millton Muscats @ Dawn

My bf drinks red, and his favourite is the Rabbit Ranch pinot noir.

If you ever visit NZ, make sure you come to Auckland and get the ferry over to Waiheke Island. There are some amazing vineyards with incredible views of the city.

(Anton) #11

Playing games eats a lot of time, so I don’t even install them even when I feel I’d try this or that game :slight_smile: No time!

(Bo McGuffee) #12

I’m passionate about many things. (Since community building is a given, I’ll skip it and not mention that one.)

I’m a proponent of cutting edge, progressive theology.
An artist at heart, I love to draw and paint.
As an amateur dog trainer, I see similarities between modern, science-based dog training and community management.
I love to write, and am working on a tabletop RPG and stories to go with it.
I’m an avid learner.

And, above all, I’m passionate (obsessed, actually) about my babies: Annabelle (cat), Loki (dog on right), and Lugh (dog on left).

(christopher w) #13


That’s one of the great things about these off topic areas - you learn things that wouldn’t necessarily have been mentioned elsewhere.

I think most people are, just read some of the bios of famous actors, saying they are shy folks at heart, performing for acceptance and appreciation.

I see that as a sign of confidence. Commercial advantage apart, I have little time for folks who think they’ve discovered something ‘new’ and in turn consider it their own secret, proprietary invention.

I work in broadcast and love to see individual creativity getting the recognition it deserves. But sadly the industry is largely in the control of Megacorps (BBC included) which pursue what it sees as formulaic success - to the detriment of some outstanding work.

Sadly far too few folks keep themselves fit and healthy and crazy considering it’s the cheapest yet highest returning investment we can make.

It does make you wonder what is going on in some people’s minds and how they can sign off software that isn’t fit for purpose. I won’t mention the software in question but recently my cousin set up an online Florists complete with product pages and shop. Two days in - a week before UK mother’s day - all the product images disappeared and the whole thing looked a real mess…

… My phone rings: “Help!” and a very long weekend later we were up and running in Shopify. Checkout working, choice of payment gateways, discount codes, product collections, Facebook shop. Almost painless. Not perfect, but as close as could be expected and not one obvious bug and perhaps just as importantly, almost every feature you could reasonably expect to see.

Edit: Adding my own.

Technology aside, political economy is my main area of interest and in particular what motivates people to act the way they do. How for example, great motivational writers such as Paine (American Revolution) and Marx (European Revolutions, 1840s) influenced the upheaval of entire continents with just a few well placed words.

(Alena Rybik) #14

Thanks a lot Hawk, I’ll try to find those in the Swedish liquor shop.

If you ever visit NZ, make sure you come to Auckland and get the ferry
over to Waiheke Island. There are some amazing vineyards with incredible
views of the city.

That sounds like a dream come true :slight_smile: One day though.