What are key Conversions and KPIs you would like to track in a community?


(Robert van Hoesel) #1

We’re building out our new analytics for community managers. Aside from the usual stats (new members, pageviews, interactions) we want to create additional value for managers. We’re currently thinking about the following:

  • Daily conversion of users from lurker to participants (split amongst commenting, posting and liking/interacting).
  • Impressions of content (also in overviews, search etc).

What are stats you keep a close eye on and would like to be within reach?

(Joel Zaslofsky) #2

That sounds incredible, especially if I can tweak the weighting of values or the variables that go into the calculation.

For my paid community, I’d like a chart where I can input a start and end date that shows the average member retention for 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 month rolling periods. I’m not sure how your platform works, but the calculation would be something like cancel/suspend/inactive date - user creation date.

(Robert van Hoesel) #3

That’s a good suggestions, thanks!