WFH Exercise challenge

(Darren Gough) #1

Hi all,

Is anyone interested in us kicking off a small challenge thread for people who either work from home or find it hard to get motivated to exercise? Thinking we set simple exercise challenges each week to get people moving a little and rotate the suggestions?

Thinking we start small with something like : weekly challenge is to walk 1K, do 10 press ups and 10 sit up per day and we can all check in daily when we’ve done it and see how it goes?

Something like that anyways - let me know your thoughts below and maybe like this post if you’re interested in joining…er…BEEACTIVE (< hilarious pun).

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(Mark Baldwin) #2

Count me in. I like BEEACTIVE.

(Rebecca Braglio) #3


By the way - I also just signed up on StepBet.
Anyone on Fitbit as well?

(Bas van Leeuwen) #4

Could be fun, count me in

(Sarah Hawk) #5

I’m in!

(Jennifer Zowada) #6

I’m in, we may need to coin the term BEEACTIVE!

(Jennifer Zowada) #7

Hi Rebecca, I just signed up for the 6 week diet bet challenge. I’m on fitbit, let’s connect I’m under

(Joe Narusis) #8

I am in!!!

(Todd Nilson) #9

I do the Scientific 7-Minute Workout every day… anyone want to join in on that with me?

(Sarah Hawk) #11

Totally! That looks like a great option.

(Todd Nilson) #12

It’s been great. As Tiny Habits go, it’s an easy one to adopt. I made it a part of the morning routine, right after I’ve had coffee, which anchors the behavior.

(Sarah Hawk) #13

I just did one and I’ve learned that jumping jacks are too noisy in a house full of sleeping people.

(Todd Nilson) #14

Aw c’mon @HAWK they can suck it up. It’s only for 30 seconds. LOL

(Sarah Hawk) #15

That’s exactly what I yelled at them!

(christopher w) #16

Very happy to join in with this.

In terms of exercise I have my own pilates and cardio routines that serve me well - so what I am looking for is incentive to leave the house during the day. If there is a way that this could fit in with a group initiative that would be great.


(Darren Gough) #17

@richard_millington swears by the Insanity challenge (quite literally during the middle of it I think!). Anyone else done it?

(christopher w) #18

Very timely.

From the Guardian yesterday:

But they also found that the increased risk of death associated with sitting for eight hours a day was eliminated for people who did a minimum of one hour of physical activity a day.

Lead author Prof Ulf Ekelund, from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences and Cambridge University, said: “You don’t need to do sport, you don’t need to go to the gym. It’s OK doing some brisk walking, maybe in the morning, during lunchtime, after dinner in the evening. You can split it up over the day, but you need to do at least one hour.”

(Rebecca Braglio) #19

adding you!

(Nick Emmett) #20

This was on one of my favourite blog’s podcasts fairly recently:
Undoing the Damage of Chronic Sitting - on The Art Of Manliness

(Disclaimer: the blog is aimed at men but the information in this podcast can clearly be applied regardless of sex)

(Sarah Hawk) #21

We could send you on a daily scavenger hunt.
Today you need to take a photo of one bird feather.