Welcome to the Revamped FeverBee Experts Homepage

(Richard Millington) #1

Hi everyone,

As you might have noticed, we’ve added a homepage to the FeverBee Experts community.

It’s something we’ve been working on for a few months now. Here’s a quick few things:

  1. We now have a search box at top. Feel free to navigate for specific information you need. Nothing needs to get lost here.

  2. You can use ‘hide homepage’ in the top right to remove it and go back to the way the community used to be at any time. I hope you don’t, but it’s an option if you want it.

  3. We’re going to highlight some of the biggest challenges we face in communities prominently on the homepage where we can work together to resolve them.

  4. We’ve created a place where you can share links / other reading material you think will be useful for people. We’ll keep a watch for quality, but otherwise please do share items you think are useful. Try to avoid promoting your own stuff though.

  5. We’re also interesting in seeing who else needs help in the community. We might turn this soon into a ‘welcome newcomers’ area, but we’ll see how it goes.

  6. The rest of the discussions are at the bottom. You can sort by latest, new, top, or whatever else works for you.

I hope you like it. Fee free to reply here with any questions!!

(Nick Lawson) #2

Hi Richard, just wanted to say I really like the new look. Interested to know what were the drivers behind making the change/what key issues were you aiming to solve? Any early results you can share? I’ve been thinking about doing something v similar on our community to make it less daunting to newcomers - the long list of topics that is the discourse default probably isn’t that appealing. I like the idea here of using it as a space to highlight certain topics/users.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

The rationale was basically the one you describe. We were concerned that people weren’t being well orientated when they first arrived here. New people were daunted by the ‘experts’ label and I wanted a way to take them to a place where they’d discover other new people.

We also wanted to push Discourse further than we’d seen it pushed before.

Rich will likely add his own thoughts – but mine were all about helping people feel comfortable.

(Richard Millington) #4

That’s pretty much the case.

It was a combination of a few factors.

  1. To test what was possible with Discourse and see if we could design something that looks close to Enterprise level without paying a five-figure sum to do it.

  2. To change and shape how people feel about the community from the first visit. We wanted people to feel they could participate without being an expert.

  3. To be able to highlight some of the more interesting discussions we wanted people to participate in.

I don’t have any data at the moment. My guess is activity is a little down, but then it’s also summer and we don’t have a community manager here at present, so it wouldn’t surprise me if activity is down since we launched. The real test will come in the coming months.

(Richard Millington) #5

One of the other things we’ve done, perhaps not quite as deliberately is reduced the ‘experts’ name somewhat.

I’m considering changing it once the book comes out, but we’ll see.