Webinar with Rachel Happe

(Richard Millington) #1

Originally published at: https://www.feverbee.com/rachel/
On Thursday 29th October (2pm Eastern) Rachel Happe, the founder of the Community Roundtable, and I are hosting a free webinar.

We’re going to talk about how we quantify communities, what we can learn from the Roundtable’s progress, and how we can prepare for the future of communities.

Rachel is one of the few superstars in this sector I’ve never had a chance to do a webinar with. I think we’re going to learn a lot from it and hope you sign up.

The Details:

Who: Rachel Happe & Richard Millington (and 100 of you!)
What: Webinar, 100 places
When: Oct 29, 2pm Eastern
Where: Sign up here.
Why: Why not?

*Europeans: remember that USA puts their clocks back 2 weeks later than we do and adjust your schedules accordingly.

Shouldn’t You Be Plugging SPRINT Too? It’s Only 2 Weeks Away!

Excellent idea, thank you!

Yes, our SPRINT is now just 2 terrifying weeks away. If you want to make rapid progress, train your community team, and learn from 14-world class experts; sign up at http://sprint.feverbee.com.

If you sign up to the event, you’ll receive:

  • Access to 14 world-class speakers, 300 top community professionals, and FeverBee’s cheerful team.
  • Access to a module of our training course.
  • All the videos from our 2014 events (both UK and Europe).
  • All the videos we record from our 2015 event.
  • An invitation to the afterparty – free alcohol!
  • An invite to FeverBee’s own community.
If that’s not enough to tempt you to make the plunge, I really don’t know what is :-)

Sign up at: http://sprint.feverbee.com

(Nick Emmett) #2

This has gone into my calendar for the UK as 6pm, does that sound right? I’m not so sure!
If so, is the session being recorded as it’s right on tea/bed time for the kids!

(Richard Millington) #3

sounds about right. USA and UK change their clocks at different times of
the year. So it’s a bit of a pain for 2 weeks.

(Bo McGuffee) #4

Drat, I have a meeting right at that time.

(Richard Millington) #5

cancel it!

We might not record this.

(or, more likely, the recording will break!)

(Bo McGuffee) #6

Haha! If only I could do that. :wink:

I hope you two knock everyone’s socks off.

(llanmelo) #7

Thank you! Already signin. :wink:

(Bo McGuffee) #8

(Bo McGuffee) #9

Thank you, @richard_millington for the webinar. I really enjoyed it. I thought it could be fun to list some of our takeaways to continue this thread.

Someone asked, “How can a Community Manager build up member-to-member rapport?”

Rachel’s response: “Develop programming that creates member collisions” (or something close to that anyway). I love that description, and it still has me thinking about it hours later.

(Richard Millington) #10

My pleasure, video is up here:

(Bo McGuffee) #11

Oh, one other big takeaway I want to mention. There are different kinds of metrics that serve different functions, which Happe lists. Make sure you’re measuring the right one(s) for what you need.