Wanted: creative examples for updating your members about community results

(Evelien Schut) #1

Hi Everyone,

One of our clients manages a community where they and other companies guide top sporters to the olympics. They are looking for an interesting way of updating their community members with what they have been achieving so far for these sporters, how the community helped etc.
They do not Just want to write a boring message with some numbers and images.

Any creative examples out here? :slight_smile:

(Anjo Gaul) #2

What about a scroll trough, on a website or “survey”/form tool like typeform.com?

Basically you scroll down a page an elements start moving into, on and out of the screen… telling a story about the achievements?!

(Nigel Moore) #3

@evelienschut - one of the communities I’m in records a little 5-7 minute video each month of their “Community News”.

They use a mixture of face to camera AND powerpoint slides to go through all the news.

Then they embed this video in a forum post, email out a link to everyone and also put a floating bar up the top of the site for a week or so letting everyone know that this months “Community News” is ready to watch.

They include things like member wins, numbers, what’s new, what’s coming etc.

(Evelien Schut) #4

nice tip! I think the more visual and playfull they show it, the better!

(Evelien Schut) #5

Thanks! I was also thinking about video, maybe even in a Vlog kind of style (it matches their audience).
What do you think of the lengt of the video they post? Are you watching the entire message when it is 5-7 minutes?

(Nigel Moore) #6

Personally, I’ve only watched a few, but not all, however their raving fans watch and seem to devour each one fully (from the comments afterwards)…

(Nick Emmett) #7

Where would this content fo @evelienschut? On the community? Externally for a marketing lean?

I liked what Spotify were doing a year or so ago where they did some ads based on artists and the amount of plays they’d had, and also (from memory) featured some users and what they’d listened to the most, as an example.

whether it’s boring or not depends on the people putting it together, what the content is etc - at the end of the day data is data, it’s not the sexiest subject out there :slight_smile:

(Evelien Schut) #8

It should be presented inside the community, to their members.
And you have a point there, data isn’t sexy (to all :p)

I’ll tell them to create a mixture of things: a video where they highlight the most interesting data in fun/non boring way.
For those who like to read more, could read more results in a (short!) Quarterly report.