Want To Submit Examples Of Leadership?


(Richard Millington) #1

Hello @ALLIES and the rest of FeverBee Experts!

Any budding researchers out there?

I’m looking for examples of a community (or platform) nurturing leaders.

These are people who are responsible for a sub-group of the broader audience. Examples would be:

  1. StackExchange site creators
  2. NextDoor network creators.
  3. Sub-Redditor admins
  4. Facebook group creators
  5. LinkedIn group creators.

I’m looking for examples of organizations that have nurtured leaders who help grow or coordinate the efforts of others.

I’d love to find examples of volunteer leaders who help coordinate the efforts of developers (@Janet_Swisher), drive contributions to projects, help crowdsource etc…

The more diverse range of examples the better.

(Colleen Young) #2

I’m working on something like this on Mayo Clinic Connect, with the volunteer Mentor program. While some groups were established before the Mentor program was created, we now open groups only once a volunteer Mentor has been identified. It’s a work in progress, however it could serve as an example of a program that is beyond conception, but still establishing itself.

(Kathleen Ulrich) #3

We drive contributions to projects by the use of private forums. And we are attempting to crowdsource by sponsoring local meet-ups which are facilitated through private forums. (This last is getting really interesting) – but we are a smaller industry association and not strictly an online community.

(Rebecca Braglio) #4

@marjorieandersonpmi – you do this every day!

(Samantha Preddie) #5

Three I learned of recently:

Sales Force
Class Dojo

(Richard Millington) #6

Thanks Samantha, Do you know what each of them are doing?

(Samantha Preddie) #7

Blackbaud and Class Dojo have extensive ambassador programs that encourage their ambassadors to go out and train others, lead workshops, outreach, etc. This makes turns them into the leaders within their own communities (or schools re: Class Dojo).

Sales Force has a strong community of people who train others in Salesforce so that they can advance in their career and in turn train others.

Not sure if these are examples you’re looking for, but hope it helps!

(Sue Gemmell) #8

This is tangentially related: True leadership emerges in an inclusive context from Jane McConnell.