Want To Become One Of Our Allies? (announcing the new book project)


(Samantha Preddie) #21

Also, happy to contribute. I have experience in the publishing industry and, of course, community support. Happy to help with research, proofreading, and adding ideas. Let me know what I can do!

(Richard Millington) #22

Hey @samanthalynn,

Welcome! I just added you to the ALLIES category. If you refresh, you should be able to see everything in there.

The publishing experience might be really useful!

(Kathleen Ulrich) #23

My husband is an author, so I can edit - I loved the SCM course- pretty good at research - familiar with social sciences

(Katelyn MacKenzie) #24

I would love to help as well! I am currently in full research mode so this would be fun. I also have a background with creating value for my community members vs pushing for more engagement. I did this mostly with my local communities but also with my dev community i use to help run

(corinna snyder) #25

too late to join? I can offer research as well as testing and trying models.

(briankling) #26

Hi @richard_millington and all! I will throw my hat into the ring as well. I recently joined STMicroelectronics as Head of Community, so working exactly on this topic at the moment.

(Richard Millington) #27

Ok @katelynrae, @corinnasnyder and @briankling,

Just added all three of you to the ALLIES category if you do a refresh. Should find all the information in there :slight_smile: Thank you so much for helping out.

(Kathleen Ulrich) #28

Did you meant to skip me? Looks like everyone after me was added.

(Nick Emmett) #29

Sounds good @richard_millington , happy to help and support where I can :slight_smile:

(Rebecca Braglio) #30

Are you all filled up?
Happy to help where I can.

(Richard Millington) #31

Yikes, sorry @Kathy - just added you now. I swear I don’t have a personal vendetta against you.

@Nick_Emmett and @rebeccabraglio added you both too.

(Kathleen Ulrich) #32

Good to know @richard_millington You might change your mind on this once I start editing!

(Xhevair Maskuli) #33

Hi @richard_millington, A little late to the game, but would love to contribute!

(Sukumar Kothandapani) #34

Just stumbled upon this topic. I joined this industry as a novice and your first book helped me learn a lot. Would love to join. Count me in, please :slight_smile:

What's Happening In Community This Post-Summer Week
(Richard Millington) #35

Hi @sukumar and @xmaskuli

Just added you both, sorry for the delay. Would love to get your thoughts.

@sukumar - would be really great to have a newcomer’s perspective and insight into the book actually.

(Piper_Wilson) #36

I’d love to be involved.

(Dave_Sciuto) #37

Count me in. I’ve been managing online communities in education since 1995 and B2B communities since 2005. I’d love to give my perspective.

(Richard Millington) #38

Hi @Dave_Sciuto,

Sure thing, just added you to the group. Looking forward to your input.