Want To Become One Of Our Allies? (announcing the new book project)

Also, happy to contribute. I have experience in the publishing industry and, of course, community support. Happy to help with research, proofreading, and adding ideas. Let me know what I can do!

Hey @samanthalynn,

Welcome! I just added you to the ALLIES category. If you refresh, you should be able to see everything in there.

The publishing experience might be really useful!

My husband is an author, so I can edit - I loved the SCM course- pretty good at research - familiar with social sciences

I would love to help as well! I am currently in full research mode so this would be fun. I also have a background with creating value for my community members vs pushing for more engagement. I did this mostly with my local communities but also with my dev community i use to help run

too late to join? I can offer research as well as testing and trying models.

Hi @richard_millington and all! I will throw my hat into the ring as well. I recently joined STMicroelectronics as Head of Community, so working exactly on this topic at the moment.

Ok @katelynrae, @corinnasnyder and @briankling,

Just added all three of you to the ALLIES category if you do a refresh. Should find all the information in there :slight_smile: Thank you so much for helping out.

Did you meant to skip me? Looks like everyone after me was added.

Sounds good @richard_millington , happy to help and support where I can :slight_smile:

Are you all filled up?
Happy to help where I can.

Yikes, sorry @Kathy - just added you now. I swear I don’t have a personal vendetta against you.

@Nick_Emmett and @rebeccabraglio added you both too.


Good to know @richard_millington You might change your mind on this once I start editing!

Hi @richard_millington, A little late to the game, but would love to contribute!

Just stumbled upon this topic. I joined this industry as a novice and your first book helped me learn a lot. Would love to join. Count me in, please :slight_smile:

Hi @sukumar and @xmaskuli

Just added you both, sorry for the delay. Would love to get your thoughts.

@sukumar - would be really great to have a newcomer’s perspective and insight into the book actually.

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I’d love to be involved.

Count me in. I’ve been managing online communities in education since 1995 and B2B communities since 2005. I’d love to give my perspective.

Hi @Dave_Sciuto,

Sure thing, just added you to the group. Looking forward to your input.