Want To Become One Of Our Allies? (announcing the new book project)

Hi everyone,

If you’ve noticed things are a bit quiet recently, it’s because I’m currently working solely on a new book.

It’s a book centered on the most important problem we face today, driving value (and demonstrating that value).

The book’s thesis is simple, but critical. We need to stop trying to maximize engagement and start driving the kind of activity that is actually valuable to organization. Maximizing engagement is a race to the bottom. Maximizing value leads to more support and success for you and your career.

This value lies in getting members to advocate, lead, learn, innovate, educate, and support one another.

If you’ve taken our Strategic Community Management course, you will be familiar with some of the book’s principles already.

I’m looking for a couple of allies (some of you) to help me develop the book. This is people willing to research and test ideas, read proofs, and give feedback on my blind spots. You get early access to all the book’s material, your name featured on the book’s jacket, and to help shape the book from start to finish. You will also get access to a private forum here too.

If you’re interested, you can email richard@feverbee.com or reply here.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m down to help, if you need me. Promise to be more prompt than in my replies :wink:

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haha, what’s your current email? You can join me and 4 others so far!

We’re now up to a motley crew of about 8 people, thanks everybody.

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Maybe a bit late here, yet I would love to contribute my part while learning. Do ping me in case more resources are needed.

Looking forward to the new book!

Hey everyone, you should hopefully now all have access to the new category
for the book. If you don’t see it let me know and I’ll tinker with settings
a little.

I’m still getting up to speed on Discourse (don’t laugh).

Hi @richard_millington, do get me involved in this project!

Keen to help/challenge/support.

Have 7 books under my belt plus knocking down various sacred cows - so hope the experience and enthusiasm will help.

I would love to help out where I can!

Hey @toatomo, @andygreen, and @WouterS.

Thanks for the offer, I’d love to have you all involved.

If you look at the community, you should be able to see the separate ALLIES category for updates and book sections to review.

Failing that, you can just click here: https://experts.feverbee.com/c/ALLIES

Hi @richard_millington,

While I’m new to the community world, I come with experience from the learning/training world and a passion for knowledge sharing. Here are a few items I’ve worked on in the past:

*Partnering to Improve Time to Competency and Proficiency

Let me know if and how I might be able to assist!

Hi @richard_millington, Happy to be involved as well. I started Breastcancer.org’s community 16 years ago! Would love to learn more about what your doing!

Hi @em_dunn and @Breastcancer_org.

Just added you both. If you do a refresh on the site you should see a new ALLIES category appearing. Click the category and all the information is in there :slight_smile:.

Looking forward to working with you both.

I would love to be involved, especially since I’m banging this drum in our market as well.

Additionally, before I made community into a professional gig, I was a full-time copyeditor at a nonfiction publishing company, so I can also employ a secondary skillset if desired. :wink:

Hi Richard, Looks like I’m very late to the game. Let me know if I can be of any help. Its always a hot topic at element14.

Super interested in this topic and spend lots of time discussing it with my Recruitment and Marketing team. I’d be happy to help support, as well as learn from, this project!

Ok @dkibbey, @lindsaymstarke an @tesse_loveless_acir.

Just given you access to the ALLIES category above. Thanks for the help!

If you’re still in need of a few hands, I’m happy to help!

Hey Rich, I’d also be glad to help in that process. Let me know how I can help. Cheers.

@marjorieandersonpmi and @Ernesto_Izquierdo

Just added you both! Welcome to the group. If you do a refresh you should see the ALLIES category. Really looking forward to your feedback and help.

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