Vanilla Communities

(Kate Ambash) #1

Not sure if there’s already a topic out there about this (posted a meta topic; trying to get up to speed on using this platform). Would love to connect with anyone using the hosted (or otherwise) Vanilla platform!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Ping @jenfilla @CarlyHulls @andrewyouderian @Adrian @lincoln

(Adrian Speyer) #3

Thanks @HAWK

Howdy @kambash ! I work at Vanilla and I’m happy to help with any questions :slight_smile:

(Kate Ambash) #4

Heyyy @Adrian. That’s awesome. I have a CSM-- do you know Matthew?

I’m trying to take best practices here and apply them to Vanilla, which I’m still learning. We launched at the beginning of July (or maybe August?).

(Lincoln Russell) #5

Your CSM is a good resource for helping you match practice to feature when it isn’t obvious. You can ask him open-ended questions and he’ll use his deep product knowledge to offer suggestions and options. When there isn’t something that directly matches your goals, he can raise it internally so it’s on our radar when we’re evaluating our priorities for the product.

I hear that Matthew is trouble though, watch out for him.

(I’m kidding; I talk to him nearly every day. :wink:)

(Kate Ambash) #6

Haha, he’s the worst. JK. He’s awesome.

Are you with Vanilla too, @lincoln? I’m trying to figure out how to send reg. emails to uses, but we’re using SSO. I don’t believe these are actually being sent right now.

(Adrian Speyer) #7

@kambash, Linc beat me to it – and absolutely right. Matthew is really the best bet to help you get the most out of Vanilla.

He’s really a super guy with lots of great ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks for using our product, so glad to have you aboard.

(Lincoln Russell) #8

I’m the lead developer. Matthew can enable that for you. We don’t do registration emails by default over SSO to avoid inadvertently doubling up on emails.

Any kind of technical question like that can go straight to your CSM any time too - he’s got a hotline to the dev team if you manage to stump him, not that that happens often. :relieved:

(Kate Ambash) #9

That’s awesome. Are you based on Canada too?

(Lincoln Russell) #10

No, I’m in Detroit, but I pop up to Montreal a few times a year to say hello.

(Kate Ambash) #11

Hey @lincoln or @Adrian - Matt is out of town. We’re trying to put Intercom (chat service) through a pocket so that users can contact support on our forum. We need to pass the correct user information ( is the generic). We use SSO so we’re already passing this information to Vanilla. We’re not sure where to find information to pass this now from Vanilla into Intercom.

Can either of you assist? Somewhat time-sensitive.

Thanks in advance!

(Adrian Speyer) #12

Hey @kambash! Sorry I was in meetings, so I didn’t see this. As long as you email Matthew at his regular address, one of the Customer Success team will help out even if he is on vacation.

I know they will get those answers for you as soon as they can. (I’ll also tell them to keep an eye out for your email). :slight_smile:

(Kate Ambash) #13

Thanks :slight_smile: here’s hoping! It’s from my colleague but the same business domain (ohmconnect :slight_smile:

(Adrian Speyer) #14

I know they will do their best. It’s always tricky with integrations. They may need to ask a dev or you for more info, but rest assured, your email will not be ignored :smiley:

(Brian Schildt) #15

@kambash - a little late to the thread :wink: but FYI - we’re running Vanilla Open Source version.

(Colleen Young) #16

Anyone using Vanilla for multi-language communities? How do you get around the single-language welcome email? We don’t want to put our francophones off with an English welcome email.

(Adrian Speyer) #17

Howdy Colleen! The welcome emails will be in the language the user chose when they signed up. So there should be no issue with different user languages. I’ve heard you are talking with Joe of our team, so I am sure he can help you further if you need something more customized.

(Colleen Young) #18

Thanks @Adrian.

(Stefan Eipeltauer) #19

Hi everyone,

I’m new here but an old dude on Vanilla. Running Vanillaforums since version 1 and therefore about 12 or 13 and more years.

I also run Vanilla-App which wraps Vanillaforums in version 2.2 upwards into native iOS and Android apps.

Some may also know the theme store VanillaSkins I do. Which is currently not so much up to date. But we are working in new themes.

Good to finally land here.

(Adrian Speyer) #20

Hi @phreak, nice to see another familiar face here :slight_smile: