Using Yammer as an external community

(Bas van Leeuwen) #1

Hey guys,

A client of mine has asked me to help them start up a community. They are currently set (but willing to deviate if needed) on using Yammer since it is

  • cheap
  • quite well known
  • easy to use (even if you don't know it)
  • easy to integrate
  • modern

Do any of you have any experience using Yammer as external facing community?

Thanks in advance :)

(Richard Millington) #2


Haven't heard of anyone using Yammer as an external community before. I'm sure there are people doing it though.

How many members are they expecting? What is the setup and implementation cost? 

(James Tyer) #3

I run internal and mixed (internal/external) communities through Yammer - happy to offer some advice if useful?

(Bas van Leeuwen) #4

@Richard, it'll be a newly launched community, I'm not aiming at massive numbers for now (max 250 people in the foreseeable future).
Setup and implementation costs are negligible, it works out of the box and you can't customise a lot. Some integration with the site/blogs/whathaveyou will probably need to be done at a later stage; but in the beginning I'm focussing on the platform and doing some manual work (hurray for interns).

@James, yes please! :-)
Any major break/pain points? (can users easily sign up? can you delete users? is there proper spam prevention? etc.)

(James Tyer) #5

Would you prefer a walkthrough Bas - a Skype or Hangout? Two things I wanted to check too - (1) I assume your client is a company that already uses Yammer internally? And (2) I also assume your client has a the full paid-for version?

Main points

- you can easily add users (but I believe external users cannot add themselves). User management is done through an email address and you can easily add/delete people. 

- you can use the API in a number of interesting ways (should you wish) and there are a number of third party app plugins

- There are standard features like keyword alerts

- Users can create their own groups based on interest, but the admin has control over them overall.

- Users can choose from a good selection of notification settings.

- And, of course, a great thing is there's a ready-made good functionality mobile app for Android, iOS (different for iPad and iPhone) and Windows phone. 

(Bas van Leeuwen) #6

Hey James,

Thanks for the offer! I have used Yammer as an internal network before at my previous job, just never externally, so I'm curious to see the differences!

Can I reach you by email? Mine is


(Bas van Leeuwen) #7

Hi @jamestyer,

It looks like Google can’t index Yammer, is that correct?
If so, that would probably be a deal breaker for us :-/


(Bas van Leeuwen) #8

FYI: Microsoft answered in the most unhelpful, but clarifying way possible

We’ll probably use something else…