Using Communities To Grow A Business


(Osioke Itseuwa) #1

I have always enjoyed helping the businesses I work with grow with communities. In this post, I share an overview of the steps I take in growing businesses using communities. It could help you better present the usefulness of the community to the business and get buy-in.

I’d love to hear what we think.

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(Anjo Gaul) #2

I like the first half of the post, it’s nicely put into words, what most people who work in community should know!

The 1st. - 5th. isn’t so appealing to me
I have the feeling those points are not really connected / have no real structure.
Some of them should be done before (but yes if you haven’t it’s about time -> core values)
2 and 3 fr me are connected and 3 should not be an extra point.
And I strongly disagree with the opener in 1st :slight_smile:
“it is not about getting new customers (acquisition)” yes it is, for me at least, but should not be “actively be done” within the community

(Osioke Itseuwa) #3

Thanks for the feedback, very interesting opinions you have!

The post was written more for a business developer as against a community manager. That is for individuals who would naturally not see a community as anything useful or worth investing in.

I wrote it that way because in Nigeria, leveraging on communities or taking them as a serious part of the business strategy is not common. So I figured I’d write a post to help persuade or change some perspectives :wink:.

I totally get your point on 1 & 5, and I strongly believe in the opening quote. It is more or less my slogan for community strategies :slightly_smiling_face:.

(Anjo Gaul) #4

Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, especially the first part. And I guess for the purpose it has it is full of new information.
While we here read it with a different mindset and especially experience.

I’m quite business driven and operational, and therefore see some things differently, but I would not say I’m right and you are wrong either.