Using a community blog effectively

(Rebecca Braglio) #1

We launched our community blog a few months ago and I’m looking for some ideas to keep it interesting. When we first launched the blog, we had lots of new/exciting things to talk about (we had moved platforms, how to get the most out of the community, how to build your profile, etc.). Currently this is our lineup:

1 member of the month post
1 monthly wrap-up/review post of most heated threads, interesting comments, etc.
1 upcoming event for members (usually a workshop, conference, etc. - something promotional)

Lately it’s becoming a little heavy on the promotional event (we have lots of them). Any other suggestions of community building type of posts? I don’t want to put any exclusive/company info, etc. in there because we save that for our Community Champions.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

(Richard Millington) #2

I think some background here on your community would be really useful.

The member of the month is interesting/wrap-ups etc.

I’d try to find the stories from members. What are your members doing that’s interesting? If they’re not doing anything interesting, well what could they be doing that’s interesting? What do your members think about different topic. You can pick a topical issue and ask 10 members for their opinion and publish it, for example.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

What about guest posts?

(Rebecca Braglio) #4

So, our community for project managers (of any kind). We do compile stories from members and post them on the site (as well as compiling them into an ebook).
I love the topical issue idea - I’m going to try that.

(Bo McGuffee) #5

One possibility would be to post something mildly controversial. That might kickstart some passionate discussions in the community.