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Hey all,

Building a community for architects that have to go through a rigorous set of exams called the ARE. In this, it is very common for them to fail at least one of the six divisions and many users beat themselves up over it.

My question to you all is, have you ever found a way to flip something negative (i.e. failing a test you prepared heavily for) into something that successfully encourages members?

I considered a badge or something to that effect but I’m worried it will become associated as a sort of scarlet letter for being “a failure”. Currently looking at having a thread where people all exchange “fail stories” as it were, but I’m concerned no one would want to share without fear of embarrassment.

Any insight anyone can offer is greatly appreciated!

If this is an exam where they can re-take the portion they’ve failed, maybe you could set aside a forum or space where they “Bone Up Together” to prep for their next attempt? Like a study group?

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It’s funny you say that, because we actually have a dedicated study group program set up for that exact reason. It does help a lot, although we still see a lot of people that stay the solo route and I would love to encourage them to share the fails just as much as the successes so we can de-stigmatize a bit.

Great minds :slight_smile:
I wonder if it might work if you called the “fail badge” something funny like “AREN’T” (or let them name it) . Injecting humor might help defuse the fear.

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That’s good idea, I’ll test it out for a bit and then ask people what they think of it. Thank you!

Is the study group named “AREn’t there yet?”

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Ha no, sadly a missed opportunity.