US Strategy Vs Global Strategy


(Katy Kunkel) #1

I’m working with a wellness company that’s killing it in Asia but not so much in the US. They are currently rebranding globally. I think they should test elements of the ‘new message’ in the US and pilot a small market. How would you do that and what would you recommend trying to build a community or tap into another? The product story will rely on provenance and efficacy re content.

(Nikoletta Harrold) #2

Hi Katy,

you are correct, global message testing and market research is super important. If I understand your questions correctly, this is for the entire marketing behaviour not just for their community practice. Is that right?

Overall there are many ways to do some message and market research. We just did a simple one for our re-brand on facebook. I described it here a bit: Picking the First Topics in Your Forum

We are waiting for the results, but the first go around was pretty insightful.
If you have any questions about this method ping me back.


(Sarah Hawk) #3

Hi Katy – can you clarify? Do you mean that there is an existing community in Asia that you could expand, or alternatively start again in the US?

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #4

Hi! I have a quick story that supports your plan to test elements. When I visited Nestle HQ at my last job, the presenter shared a story about their anthropology department. Specifically, they asked consumers from various parts of the globe to describe health. One trend they noticed is that different cultures stressed different functionality - the US tended towards strength, another culture towards the circulatory system (and having all things work together), and another towards the brain. they had been stressing growth, but needed to narrow messaging based upon beliefs. In this case, sharing how ones body would function well together was 100% the right message for one group and 100% an ineffective message for another. This realization helped them tweak messaging and, revitalize some somewhat products. I don’t think you can go wrong with asking for input as long as you have the time.

I’m all for putting messaging in front of potential members or, if possible, holding a focus group to hear how they describe success (in the above story, health). This may lead to a larger takeaway for key messaging and, at least, help you confirm approaches.

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #5

If you pursue a focus group and want to chat, let me know. We are in the process of planning and hosting one this month. I love to share our approach!

(Katy Kunkel) #6

your points are valid would love to hear your approach

(Katy Kunkel) #7

They are doing well in Asia. We are trying a growth hack pilot for US to prove the value of a us digital strategy. Then with data we can convince the company to scale efforts.