Upvoting and Downvoting Visibility


We are updating our online community experience and introducing upvoting and downvoting on posts. We’re pondering a few questions and curious to hear your advice or experiences:

  • Why did your community decide to include or eliminate voting?
  • What are a few of the pros and cons of including visibility into users who have upvoted or downvoted the post?
  • Does it help or hurt the community building experience to display how individuals voted?
  • Do you know of any articles or literature on this topic?

Thank you in advance for any tips or wisdom.

Hey @tiffany_fifer - which platform are you using? Is there an alternative to voting (such as Liking)? I’m on Salesforce and our platform introduced the option to introduce “upvoting” on posts but we chose to stay with the more traditional Like - it feels more familiar, tells the same story as an upvote etc, and to be honest I just like a thumbs up more than a tick mark or upward-pointing arrow! lol

Do you have something in place at the minute, such as Likes? Why are you thinking of changing?

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Hi @tiffany_fifer,
Same as Nick here, we’re using the Salesforce Community platform and utilizing their OOB “Likes”.
We found a good correlation between a high volume of likes and being a knowledgeable top contributor in our community. However, only a very small percentage of our members received a significant number of likes.
I wouldn’t recommend allowing downvoting, downvoting could significantly hurt the motivation of members to post + it’s too vague to understand what was the matter with the post.
I do recommend using flags - flagging is a great way for members to interact with community moderators, share their feedback offline and allow the moderator to review the post and address this matter.


Hi Nick:

Thank you for your response.

We are currently using Discourse and have the heart reaction available. These do help build momentum and positive engagement in the community.

The new voting/expressive features will be designated with thumbs up / thumbs down imagery. Our community guidelines encourage users to utilize these to indicate the helpfulness of the posts. Unlike Discourse, users will not be able to view who upvoted or downvoted. Accuracy of information and helpfulness of answers is important within the community, which is one reason we’re introducing this feature.

Hi @ronenkeisar - I appreciate your follow-up and perspectives on these features.

We’ve already introduced up/downvoting, so we’ll be monitoring to understand usage and sentiment. The way a member votes will not be visible. So far, I’ve received one downvote which has since been retracted. :slight_smile: In my reply to Nick, I shared that the intention of the feature is to indicate the helpfulness of the post (not simply disagreeing with someone).

We will continue to have flagging and agree that it’s great for interaction between members & moderators. It’s a frequently used feature and we appreciate the engagement!

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We are using Zendesk Gather and it includes the ability to upvote/downvote, so we put this in our code of conduct. (Full disclosure, we “borrowed” some of the wording from other communities.)

Use your votes to support ideas.
Members can “upvote” or “downvote” posts they agree or disagree with. This is intended to show support for ideas. A good way to help grow a positive and supportive Community is to give upvotes freely and downvotes sparingly.

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Hello All!

We are just kicking off our community (using Zendesk Gather). This post has got me thinking, so thanks all for your contributions! Does any of you know if there is community software that supports “No Vote”? I think it could be of use. You could capture the sentiment of the silent majority!