Unorthodox Engagement Model


(Cecilia Shrader) #1

Hi there! The engagement model we have in place for our community is a bit unorthodox and strays from best practices. It came about as a compromise with internal business stakeholders in minimizing the risk of negative sentiment about our products and services. Instead of allowing members to openly ask questions about any topic they wish, we, instead, initiate discussions we know are of interest to our member base and invite them to be participants of the conversation via commenting. We also have ways for them to share with us questions they would like answered and we ask the community on their behalf. Does anyone here manage a community with a similar engagement model? Do you still follow this model or have you eventually opened the ability to ask questions to members? How did you work through it?

(Piper_Wilson) #2

Interesting model. May I ask what the compromise was for? Is it working well for you?

(Nicole Relyea) #3

We’ve started to implement a similar engagement model in parts of our community. Users are still allowed to initiate topics, but we are increasingly trying to lead proactive conversations - particularly around product feedback.

So far, it’s gone really well. We’ve seen higher engagement in the proactive conversations than in the user generated ones. The quality of the responses is also higher, likely because we ask specific questions in the proactive post and tell users what kind of information we’re looking for.