Twitter: black rectangles for some Discourse pages

(Graham Perrin) #1

The black lump and the texts that follow are for the third link, not the first, which is counterintuitive but I’m not here to fix Twitter :slight_smile:

For some types of Discourse content:

  • is the blackness to be expected when represented in Twitter?

This caught my eye:

– that’s about profiles, so I don’t imagine relevance to the black representation of a category, but I’m open to suggestions.

Side note

Yeah, I know, the vertical lines look bad in the shot above.


Cross-post (categorised as a feature) Image chosen for onebox / opengraph on category page is unexpected includes one additional item of background information. tl;dr an earlier view of the same tweet represented the first of the three links (not the third) and was not bugged by the blackness.

It’s a weird one. Not sure whether I should have begun this in FeverBee (where, I guess, people have more experience with use of Twitter to promote Discourse forums) or Discourse Meta. Apologies for cross posting.

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(Sarah Hawk) #2

Mine look like this

Does the link that you post to have an image in it?[quote=“graham_perrin, post:1, topic:5903”]
Apologies for cross posting.

All good. If you get an answer will you please update this topic for future posterity?

(Graham Perrin) #3

As far as I can tell, the only images are those that are usual for a category – logo, avatars and so on.

The black rectangle that appeared for was

I deleted the tweet where that rectangle was first seen.

There was a suggestion to use, all three links appear fine, there’s the logo:

Further experiments with the Open Source Design forum

The original tweet used all available characters (0 remaining), I wonderered whether that was a factor so I experimented with something shorter:

An experiment with just one link, surrounded by text:

A link – the forum home, – alone:

Experiments wih other instances of Discourse

I experimented with four instances. At a glance, none of the four is affected.



A category:

Mozilla Discourse

Note the generic icon for a page:

Not long after posting, Twitter begins to show a forum-specific image:

Something like the tweet in the opening post – three links, and the maximum number of characters:

Back to Firefox, where I made the first tweet about Mozilla Discourse:

After a simple reload of the page, there’s the forum-specific image in lieu of the generic icon for a page:


Next step

As I have not yet reproduced the issue with any other instance of Discourse, I raised the issue with local staff at the Open Source Design forum: