Transitioning from Slack to a forum platform

We have had a free Slack community for several years and have recently introduced a forum to our paid membership. The idea was that this would provide a searchable, indexed database of content given that Slack discussions get deleted after a certain number of posts.

It seems that for a fair number of our active members, Slack has worked because it’s part of their work routine and doesn’t require another platform to log into since they’re already using Slack for work. It’s been hard getting members to engage on the forum.

Have any of you had a similar issue? And/or do you have any recommendations on how to increase engagement?

We’ve been posting regularly and trying to engage members. But, the majority of the engagement we get is members introducing themselves. We aren’t seeming to get many of them asking questions or providing insights.

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Have you gotten rid of the Slack community altogether or is it still an option for people?

Hey @HAWK, I haven’t ever seen the Discourse plugin extension for Slack. Any insight on how it might apply to keep the Slackers happy with what they have? Is there an example video of how it works?

1 Like allows you to integrate Slack with Discourse.

To me, Slack is great for discussion that is quick and ephemeral, but Discourse (I make all of my income from Discourse, but you can substitute any forum here) is better for discussion that is recurring or otherwise might be revisited. Forum also can give you some SEO juice, but obviously not if it’s behind a paywall.


We still have the Slack community…our Slack started off free, so we have a lot of people in the Slack channel who aren’t paying members and who don’t seem interested in our paid membership (includes monthly workshops, AMAs, live mentorship sessions, masterminds, templates, ebooks).

We know the value that the forum offers, and have also explained it to our members and the Slack community. But, we also see the value of Slack as it’s great for quick, in-the-moment conversations.

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