Transient Communities

(Richard Millington) #1

I recently noticed Steve from @Caravanistan joined us.

Which is great, I used his community a LOT when I was travelling the silk road last year. The challenge is the community is very transient. If you’re planning a trip through there or travelling through, you have many reasons to return and visit often.

Once your trip is done (and you’ve gathered all that expertise) you don’t really have an incentive to visit again (unless you plan another trip). This is a challenge for a lot of people in a lot of sectors (weddings, holidays, raising kids etc…). We usually tell our clients not to build a transient community.

Open question then, is anyone building a community of transient members at the moment? Have you found a technique to keep members after they’ve progressed through the community?

(Nick Emmett) #2

I’m a member of a similar Community, based around a town in Spain that I go to a lot, aimed at holidaymakers and ex pats alike. There’s a real core of stalwarts in there and the rest is very transient, I’m not sure it will ever change. Some people might return the next time they come out, that’s how I started to be a regular, but for the rest they’re just looking for information to help them enjoy the area when they come.

(Steven Hermans) #3

Thanks for the introduction @richard_millington! Looking at other destination-specific travel forums, there is one crowd to target, and that’s the expats. I haven’t succeeded in getting them on board, for different reasons: lack of effort and skill on my part, existence of previous communities (Couchsurfing for younger and Internations for older people) and the nature of discussions, which focus heavily on stuff expats don’t care or know about, like visas.

I made some attempts to involve tour operators, but they are either too busy or don’t see the benefit for themselves.

I think there is no need to shy away from transient communities. In my case, the community fulfills the purpose of answering travelers’ questions and connecting them, while for me it brings in search engine traffic to the site.

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Expat communities

I only visit when I need something.

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