Training Employees on Community

Hi All,

I am working on an internal training course to encourage employees to participate and engage in our community. I did go through the post on Staff Engagement Framework, which was very helpful. However, I am looking for more.

I was thinking of having the following sections:

Section 1: Introduction to Community
Section 2: Community Engagement
Section 3: Community Best Practices and Guidelines
Section 4: Using the Community
Section 5: Getting help from Community Team
Section 6: Understanding Community Metrics

I have the basic framework. However, I am looking for more context and content to add to these sections. Does anyone have a Community 101 for employees in your organization? Can you please share what you have to help me develop this training?



Hi Vidyasm! this is great. We don’t have it, but is definitely something that we wanna do this year. I can’t help you with examples, but I’m happy to join forces to build this.



@richard_millington, would you have any insight into this? Any case studies that you have come across?

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Hi @vidyasm

We often do a full playbook for clients covering this kind of detail. Honestly, I tend to reference my own book a lot here. There are some public documents out there. I know the work we did with the world Bank is available somewhere. I’m a little short on time to find it though. If you google related terms it might come up.

If this is your goal, I would look at finding out what value the community could give each department or each of my colleagues, and create processes or a program to help them get and see those values faster or easier.

Say for instance I want the technical team to participate more, and I know they really like bug reports, I’d talk with the technical team to see how I can help improve bug reports from the community and arrange them in a way that is super easy for the technical team to use and engage with on the platform.

And if I want the customer support team to help out more in the community, I’d find out from the support team what they like or prefer or what their needs are or how they feel the community could help them, and I build it out from there.


@richard_millington, thank you for responding. I tried looking for ‘playbook’, ‘world bank’, ‘Richard Millington’. Unfortunately, I am hitting a dead end :frowning: Anybody else who can help with what Rich is talking about ?

@sprime, the community in my org belongs to the support team. Although my focus is primarily to attract the support folks, I want to keep it generic and encourage participation from all employees. We have leaderboards and ranks and rewards for most of the employees. That’s is what I am planning to cover in Section 3: Community Engagement :slight_smile:

please tell me you put the word ‘community’ in there :slight_smile:

Hahaha… Yes, I did. Thanks for sending me the link… this is amazing!

I also came across this site Richard Millington (FeverBee) - Cracking The Social Code: How To Turn…

Looks like, this is what I am looking for … but I do not have access :frowning_face: Would I be asking for too much if I ask for your help here @richard_millington :stuck_out_tongue:

What access do you need? I’m confused

I got it! Thanks a ton for your help @richard_millington!!!

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I also created decks for each cross-functional team to share how they can contribute and utilize the community within their workflow.


@cathyjliu, would that be something that you can share?