Training and engagement – 3 month check in

(Sarah Hawk) #1

3 months feels like a lifetime ago! Several of you joined up and were working on some great projects. I’d love to hear how those are going for you.

You were just starting on ‘Building a Community from Scratch’ @jonnymcg. How did you go with that, and where are you at with your community efforts?

You joined us 3 months ago @Ryan_Illman while you were working on a migration to NodeBB. Where are you at with that? Is it going as well as you’d hoped?

@llanmelo How did the museum opening go? Are you finding any new challenges around the community side of things?

You were working on an engagement strategy @zmclendon. How is that working out? Have you seen any success or is it still a WIP?

(Ryan Illman) #2

My understanding is that the migration is stalled out on converting discourse PMs to NodeBB PMs. I’m not actually the one doing the conversion, I’m observing patiently so I can eventually migrate my own Discourse forum to Node.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

That’s interesting. Considering Discourse PMs are no different to posts, I’m surprised.

(Ryan Illman) #4

I think that’s the issue - In Discourse it’s a thread with a different archetype set, but in Node it seems to be a separate data structure. Unlike Discourse it’s also a different UI - more like Facebook’s messenger. I actually didn’t mess around with NodeBB PMs during the trial I ran, so I’m not super familiar with them.