Tracking Reward & Recognition Programs


(Laurenfaye512) #1

Hey guys!

Our Community team runs a Reward & Recognition program for our external support community.

A little background on how it works: The program identifies community behaviors we’d like to encourage and we reward them with swag and non-swag rewards and recognition. This could encompass everything from saying “thanks” in a thread, community spotlight posts, mailing them a swag package, etc. The program works in conjunction with our Community point, ranking, and leaderboard. And it is a “surprise and delight” initiative, meaning that we don’t publish, promote, or promise what rewards are given for each activity.

So far, we’ve seen great results – but they are pretty subjective. The culture feels happier and we get a lot of thank you tweets and messages.

My challenge is finding a great way to track and measure the efforts here. If you have a similar program, how are you tracking how many “rewards” you give per week and to whom? And how are you measuring the overall success of the program?

(Richard Millington) #2

Hi @laurenfaye512,

I was struggling to answer this question a little.

Are you trying to measure the impact of the program upon a metric relevant to the community or simply how many people participate/how much they participate in the program?

There are plenty of tools available depending which of the above matter most to you.

(Melissa Spinella) #3

Hi @laurenfaye512 - what platform is your community on? I know some platforms have a “badging” functionality that perhaps you could take advantage of for some of those “non-swag” rewards and be able to report on them. We use Saleforce CommunityCloud and while they do not currently have that functionality, there are badge apps available for an additional cost. We are working on creating a rewards program as well, similar to what you mentioned.

(Sylwia Ganiec) #4

Hi Lauren,

As it was mentioned earlier, depending what platform you use.
The AnswerHub software has a gamification function with badging and reputation points mechanism.

Measurement is a quite straightforward - you go to the leadership board to see who is the top of the list with the highest reputation score.

Additional to that, I have a recognition initiative to reward and promote the most active contributor, external and internal in a monthly basis. It is tracked by a score of reputation points.

(Laurenfaye512) #5

Hey guys! Looks like my question just led to more questions. Apologies for not being clearer!

@melissa.spinella We are also on Salesforce Community Cloud. As you know natively, they offer a points and ranking reputation system. Great news – they are adding badges in the future!! Woo hoo! I’m part of the beta roll out now – which is very exciting!

@richard_millington The answer to your question it is really both.

  1. I am looking for a impact metric to show how our efforts are impacting the Community.
  2. I’m also looking for a better way to track how often we are rewarding people and who is getting the rewards. Really just a measurement of our team’s output. We’ve found that it is helpful to track how often we’ve “thanked” certain people – for example, if we just sent Mary a handwritten thank you note with a tshirt last week, we might not send her another large care package the very next week. Tracking our efforts like this also helps with accountability. We want to make sure we give X number of rewards per week to make sure it is a top of mind activity and a program that we continuously execute on.

For #2 – we have been tracking our rewards given in a Trello board. Its an okay solution. But doesn’t easily help create a report, etc.

In the future, I think we may move to jira for this. That way other departments can nominate community members to “thank” and then we can have better visibility on how many rewards are given per week and to whom.