Toying with a new banner for this community. What do you think?


(Pat Scullion) #41

Eek, thanks for letting me know. Which set of ticks do you see? And does the first line stay looking like it’s on hover, or just momentarily?

(Robert McIntosh) #42

I get it too - it only affects the first tick, and is a momentary flash. When I refresh the page the first line appears unticked with white text, then the tick brightens and the text darkens, so appears to ‘flash’

(Pat Scullion) #43

Ah… gotcha. I see what’s going on there. OK, I’ll get this sorted tomorrow.

(Pat Scullion) #44

OK, updated:

  • If you’ve got a Certified badge, you’ll see that item ticked off too
  • The “flash” is removed (aside from the very first time you visit the page… but after that it’ll remember your previous settings, so won’t occur again).

Please let me know if that’s looking better for you folks :slight_smile:

(Robert McIntosh) #45

looks good - though I’ve been logged out every day recently. Does this have something to do with the developments or something else? It is annoying (especially on the mobile)

(Pat Scullion) #46

That’s odd. It could’ve been something to do with the testing phase, but that shouldn’t impact you any more. Please let us know if it continues to happen!

(Richard Millington) #47

Hey everyone,

I’ve been considering displaying a badge or badges within the banner at the top of this page.

I just can’t seem to get a design/wording I like, so figured I’d throw it open to anyone here who wants to give feedback or even tinker with the design.

If you have keynote, you’re welcome to go in: and see if you can come up with a better badge design. Very open to interesting ideas here.

(Robert McIntosh) #48

Interesting - not sure about what to suggest, but I admit that when I saw it I immediately thought of Kred (though I had to look back through VERY old emails to remember the name as I’ve not used it for a while)

(Richard Millington) #49

That’s interesting. I do like that more. Any other good examples ?