Toying with a new banner for this community. What do you think?


(joel galbraith) #21

I like that the community purpose is ever-present. A subtle reminder that the space is a tool to be used by it’s members and not just a website with info.
…now to try and use it that way myself

(joel galbraith) #22

I’m logged in, and nothing is crossed out. I’ve contributed in here before :frowning:

(Richard Millington) #23

I wonder why that is. Any ideas @pat.scullion ?

(joel galbraith) #24

I’m seeing it now.

(Richard Millington) #25

Ah, maybe just a caching issue?

(Pat Scullion) #26

Checking the code I think it probably was a caching issue, but if it happens again Joel then please let us know and we’ll take a further look!

(Richard Millington) #27

Let’s just all agree it was @pat.scullion’s fault!

(Pat Scullion) #28

It’s a fairly safe bet.

(Robert McIntosh) #29

I’m getting a similar issue to @jdg239 now.

I like the fact that the banner is visible and you an hide / show the ‘intro’ but the tasks no loner appear to be conditional - is this on purpose?

(Pat Scullion) #30

Hi Robert,

We’re just doing some dev on this now, so you might see some temporary odd behaviour. We’ll let you know once it’s working happily again :slight_smile:



(Pat Scullion) #31

OK, all done. You might need to refresh the page to get it to work (my mobile phone seemed to cache things for a few minutes regardless, mind…)

Updates we’ve made:

  • Completed tasks are now shown with a yellow tick to the left, rather than crossed out
  • The list of tasks is always visible, even when the rest of the header/intro is hidden
  • Once the first set of tasks is complete, a second set is shown (“Share a useful resource” / “Solve 5 problems” / “Get Certified”)
  • Once the second set’s complete, a third set is shown… and so on.

Hopefully this’ll prove a useful way to show people the various ways they can continue to contribute. Please let us know what you think. :slight_smile:

(Robert McIntosh) #32

Great idea - will have to have a think about whether the yellow tick looks enough like “completed” and not just a bullet … (especially when all 3 are done)

FYI there is a bit of an error on the ‘get certified’ . I have that badge but it is still showing as not done. When I click on the link it takes me to a page with an unsecure warning error on:

(Pat Scullion) #33

Good point re: the ticks. We can have a think how to make that clearer. One good thing is that when all three items are ticked, the next list will be shown (so you should only see all three items ticked on the final, third list).

Re: the Get Certified, I’ll ask @richard_millington to confirm the check logic. Updated the link now so it’s no longer trying for https / generating that warning.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Robert McIntosh) #34

ah! I assumed the ‘get certified’ related to the ‘certified’ badge (for completing the DIscoBot tutorial I think) … but I guess it is about earning a REAL certificate.

That would be a bigger challenge!


(Sarah Hawk) #35

I should have all 3 ticked but I don’t. Something is wrong with the Get Certified logic. It could be that my ondemand email doesn’t match my email here.

(Richard Millington) #36

thanks everyone,

I agree with @thirstforwine on the ticks. I’m not sure at the moment they quite show the item was tick. We might want to use a weaker font for the completed items so it better stresses the next option.

For the certification, it doesn’t connect with people signed up to <- this would cover a HUGE number of people who signed up for videos and a host of other things. Also a lot of people use different email addresses for each as @HAWK noted.

The logic it uses is whether the person has access to our SCM or POC group categories. So if you don’t have access to those courses, it won’t show up.

What we could do though is also add whether the person has a ‘certification’ badge here. That might cover a few other people.

(Pat Scullion) #37

I’ve modified the “completed” items so they’re now showing in a darker text, which highlights the “to do” ones a lot more. What do people think?

@richard_millington for the Certified logic, are there any circumstances where the “certification” badge isn’t granted when a user’s got access to SCM or POC categories? If not, we can just do a check for the badge.

(Sarah Hawk) #38

@pat.scullion there’s some kind of weird flashing when the page first loads each time. The first line acts like it’s on:hover

(Richard Millington) #39

Yes, we’ve been haphazard about issuing the badges. Can we simply add this as an added conditional statement?

(Pat Scullion) #40

Sure thing. Will do.