Toying with a new banner for this community. What do you think?


(Richard Millington) #1

What do you think? Very open to ideas here.

Is anyone doing a great job with their banners?

(Piper_Wilson) #2

I like the text part but the white lines are too busy for my liking. Maybe it’s the size of the screenshot though. I might think it’s okay at full size?

(Richard Millington) #3

Ok, revamped this a little with some conditional logic.

Be curious to know what people think.

(Piper_Wilson) #4

The items on the list are all crossed out.

(Piper_Wilson) #5

Update: I’m looking on my iPhone and iPad in the app. That’s where the items are crossed out. In the browser, they look fine.

(Richard Millington) #6

They should be crossed out if you’ve completed them. We added conditional logic :slight_smile:

(Piper_Wilson) #7

That makes sense then. I’m not logged in to Feverbee in the browsers. Thanks for explaining that.

(Robert McIntosh) #8

fascinating development - nice one. Looks good and works well. It would be most interesting to know what new users think of this, not those of us who are regular visitors (and would have had this hidden).

(Richard Millington) #9

i’m thinking of adding a little more to this.

Maybe options 4, 5. and 6. showing different options based upon a person’s
previous contributions.

(Sarah Hawk) #10

It’s not intuitive. I saw it for the first time and they are all crossed out for me. There needs to be a caveat if I haven’t seen the banner before. The strikethrough looks like a formatting issue. Maybe try ticking them off?

Great idea though.

(Richard Millington) #11

Yeah, I agree. As above, I think it’ll be good to show people who would have had all 3 crossed out a different set of options altogether.

(Jason Hill) #12

I like that it is dismiss-able. I see a lot of support communities where there have the same static and generic banner image on the home page every day. It’s a waste - that real estate should be used to promote content, as you are trying to do.

On my community we are just about to change our approach with our “hero” image and it will be very different for visitors compared to logged in members. CTA for visitors is all about encouragement to join, CTA for members is to show content and encourage them to participate more.


(Richard Millington) #13

I’m thinking of having an ever-escalating set of tasks or activites to guide people towards.

Will probably test something later this week / next week.

(Robert McIntosh) #14

Where I’m struggling a bit is that if this header section is to contain CTAs and relevant information even for regulars, we then need to unhide the top section. However, this is rather large and unwieldy if you are visiting often (as I do).

It is becoming a whole page worth of information, links, CTAs, etc by itself rather than a header for the main discussion area.

I wonder whether it would be better to separate certain aspects, such as your ‘conditional’ header to make this a more permanent feature, while only being able to hide others which, once you’ve read, may be less relevant? The trade off would be that since the header now contains personalised, relevant information, it deserves its screen real-estate more, though I would still make it shallower if possible.

(Richard Millington) #15

Certainly some good points here.

I like the ability to hide the header though. I think there is value in it, but it should be something people can hide if they feel like it. I could reduce the height of it, but I’m interested in seeing how it goes first.

(Robert McIntosh) #16

I agree - I like the idea of hiding what is there NOW because (TBH) once I’ve read through the links it is mainly wasted space for me and I want to see what the discussions are

However, if you are going to personalise the CTA in the header to me, then I may want to see it - but I either have to see the whole header, or remember to keep unhiding it just to check (which then makes it unlikely it will happen and therefore ineffective).

just a thought - working through some similar issues at the moment

(Richard Millington) #17

So my plan is to update it with 3 more actions points and then probably see if I can put people’s personal stats out there or something else.

I’m trying to toy around with this with the limited time I have at the moment. I like the potential of it.

(Alessio Fattorini) #18

Love the “make your community indispensable” theme :smiley:

(Richard Millington) #19

…give it time! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Janell Vasquez) #20

I like what you’ve got conceptually, I think the ideas are solid. I think there’s a little something lost in the execution…

As mentioned by others, the numbered list did not come across as a checklist…maybe designing it as an actual checklist showing boxes checked instead of numbers would help?

The sub-text (“Swap tips…”) is a little long, I don’t think many people will get through two lines. Can you make it 1? It is a good statement, it’s just not going to be really read and considered by most visitors… We are so lazy these days! :slight_smile:

The background feels is a little cold. I do like the idea you’re trying to get across with the image, a blueprint for building something grand, but I want a community I am part of to be visually warm and inviting, and the image doesn’t give me that feel.

Anyway, I hope that is helpful, you’ve got a good direction here.