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(Theadora Alexander) #1

I am looking to create something very similar to for my community so we can have a directory of suppliers and have community rate them (anonymously or openly). We’re built on Discourse so would ideally like it linked to the discourse login and account - any recommendations for platforms/plugins to help with this on WP? Ideally want to avoid building from scratch!

Thanks all,

(Sarah Hawk) #2

That tool is literally built using native WP so if you use Discourse/WP SSO that’ll work fine.

There is no plugin that I’m aware of though (although that doesn’t mean they don’t exist). We paid a WP developer to build it.

(Theadora Alexander) #3

Ahh okay thanks for your response.Where did you find the developer? I think i’ll go through the same process in that case! Thanks v much.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

It was developed by @pat.scullion

(Theadora Alexander) #5

Great thank you :slight_smile: Have messaged @pat.scullion