Tools Like Buzzsumo

(Michael Britt) #1

I’m interested in ideas for tools that will help identify hot topics and provide analytics for where and how such topics are being shared. I really admire what Buzzsumo does, but boy is it expensive (~$1,000/year). I’ve discovered Social Animal which does a good job and is cheaper (~$500/year). Any other suggestions for tools like these?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

What specifically are you trying to do @Michael_Britt (that falls outside of the free Buzzsumo plan).

Have you checked out Zoomph? (I haven’t personally – it was recommended by someone else.)

(Michael Britt) #3

Mostly I want to use it to:

  • Identity hot topics in specific college disciplines (e.g. Business, Finance, Art, Criminal Adjust, etc.)

  • Find out who (site and person) is sharing the topic

I was thinking that if our site posts something similar to the hot topic we could find out who to reach out to to promote our content or what sites we could add a comment to with a link back to our site.

Thanks for the link to Zoomph. I’ll check it out.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Maybe Feedly + Google Alerts?

(Sarah Hawk) #5


(Piper_Wilson) #6

Thank you for the topic.