Too many places to communicate

(Mark Bazin) #1

I was having a discussion with someone the other day around communities at work and something struck me - just about every platform you use for work has SOME SORT of chat or communication built in. And then you might even implement something designed for communication like a Yammer or Workplace or Slack or something like that. But then let’s say you use Dropbox and Asana and Salesforce . . . each of those platforms has a communications and collaboration layer as well. And then there’s email on top of it.

I suppose usually your company sort of gravitates towards only using one, but it does just feel to me like there’s almost too many places for people to communicate and they overlap a lot. Like, let’s say you’re working on a document in a project. Do you chat about it in Asana where you’re managing the project? Or what about in Dropbox where the file lives and you can comment on it. Or maybe in your Slack channel. Or in an email. Just feels like we’re sort of innundated with too many places to communicate.

Just a thought . . . not really that much to do about it per se.

(joel galbraith) #2

SIGH agreed. My own team is in Yammer, MS Teams, Zoom chat, Email and our Lithium (though not for chat) . UGH!