To Migrate or Not To Migrate? That is the Question


(Chelsey Wilson) #1

My team is getting ready to transition over to a new community platform from Ning. We are trying to decide how much and what content from the original platform should be included in the migration, and what we should bring over ourselves or redo. Any thoughts or tips on content migration?

(Mark Williams) #2

There’s always a debate on that when switching platforms. I would say it depends on whether the content forms a “library” or a “cafe” (to use an analogy from another thread). If it’s a library, you probably want to move it all and make sure you have some decent redirects in place. If it’s a cafe, maybe just some of the recent content (last month?) or just start fresh with some feeder topics from the previous site. Of course, it’s also a conversation on cost, technical feasibility and effect on members. If it’s all by hand, then leave it behind, it’s likely not worth your time. Feel free to followup with more specific questions.

(Chelsey Wilson) #3

Wise words, Mark! Thank you! We are leaning more toward pulling over a few essentials and then focusing on our updated community strategy. So, more cafe style. A lot of our content is in the form of training via ScreenSteps articles and that will all be brought over. The real content in question is user generated blog posts and photo submissions.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #4

We made the mistake of moving everything. 10 years worth of content. 75k pieces of content, to be exact.

If you’re going to migrate everything, I would move a bulk of it (by date or version number, maybe) into an archive. Put it somewhere people can dig through, but maybe not in your main space.

I would also have NONE of your migrated content appear in your metrics. My numbers are pretty jacked due to old content. It’s a good bit of work for me to figure out what % of questions have responses, because our metrics are cumulative.

I would also NOT migrate any users who have no content associated with their profile. This might be controversial, as lurkers do have value. But when we migrated everyone and their mom over to Jive, we had about 1500 people login - from 70k migrated. That’s 1000s of blank profile pages (ie weak content). I see this as an opportunity to start fresh.

If you have extensive redirects, I would suggest help. We used Distilled and they were awesome at helping us keep our SEO/pageview stats after migration.

(Chelsey Wilson) #5

Kristen, Thank you for this helpful information!

(Richard Millington) #6

Now I know where you get your death stare from!

Interesting thought about not migrating the non-contributors. I quite like that idea.

The Distilled partnership is interesting too. Do you have a (very broad) range of costs for that? We know those guys pretty well.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #7

So. Much. Content.

It’s honestly okay from an end user perspective, since the search in Jive is decent. Where it hurts is in reporting.

I think we paid Distilled around £10k. They handled all the redirects, advised on our information architecture and Jive build for SEO optimization, added a site map, etc.