TLC - Another metric for tracking member activity

(Tobias Eigen) #1

Hi all - I learned recently about a different way to track member activity, and a different KPI to track over time, that I hadn’t heard of before and have not been able to find out any details about. If anyone here has information about this, any experience with it or advice, or links for more details I’d be grateful. :sunflower:

I posted the following to discourse meta:

The idea is to generate a list of discourse users broken down into the following categories based on their last seen date relative to a date specified:

  1. Active this month
  2. Active in the last 90 days
  3. TLC: active 90-180 days ago
  4. DORMANT: Not active in > 180 days

The report would list username and which of the four categories above they are in, and totals for each.

It’s the TLC users you’d focus most of your energy on.

The KPI that can be tracked over time to keep an eye on how active the community is would be the ratio of the number of members active this month to total number of members.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I haven’t heard of this either, and I’m a bit confused by the TLC member bit. It doesn’t seem to relate to the KPI.

I’m also curious as to why you’d focus the most energy on members that haven’t been active for 3+ months.

Are these the same questions that you’re trying to answer?

(Tobias Eigen) #3

Thanks, Sarah! I’m with you… it’s a bit confusing, which is why I was hoping to find out if anyone else is doing this. As I said, I’ve only learned about it anecdotally so far…

Maybe the KPI is actually the ratio of 2, active in the last 90 days, to 4, dormant. Since the total number of members is (presumably) always going up, a ratio is helpful to indicate you are holding steady or improving in terms of activity, and that people who are signing up are staying engaged.

I think the idea of focussing attention on bringing back people who signed up fairly recently but haven’t logged in for a while is to try to get them to come back while they are still thinking of us. Perhaps again 2, active in the last 90 days, is a better target than 3, not active in the last 90 days. 3 months does seem a long time!

Whatever the case, we pay close attention at signup to onboard new members, but then don’t have a strategy for keeping in touch with those people as time goes on. Getting a list regularly of people to focus on would be a help.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Agreed on all points.

Have you seen @DiscourseMetrics new cohorts report? It could be handy for this.

(Tobias Eigen) #5

No I haven’t but sounds intriguing. Do you have a link?

(Sarah Hawk) #6

@DiscourseMetrics can likely offer more info/screenshots.

(Robert McIntosh) #7

Oooh, I am very interested in this tool too - maybe @DiscourseMetrics could share stuff here publicly, or if not, include me in a PM? thx

(Jørgen) #8

@thirstforwine @tobiaseigen:

Cohort Analysis is a beta feature that we are testing for our customers at

It allows you to segment your users based on the month they signed up, so you can see how many returned to your site in month 1, month 2, and so on. By reading the table vertically you can then see how your retention is improving over time, because you can compare only month 1 retention, or only month 3 retention. It’s quite powerful, and most of our customers have had “a-ha” moments when they discover what their retention rates actually are.

If you’d like to sign up to get metrics + cohort analysis for your community, just fill out the form at Pricing depends on the size of your community.

Thanks for the mention @HAWK :smiley: