Tips & tricks for Workplace community managers


(Renée Van Holsteijn) #1

Hi all,

Since I’m a big fan of Workplace, a internal community management platform by Facebook, I’ve written this blog about the 5 key responsibilities of the Workplace community manager. A bit exciting for me: Enablo, an Australian company, asked me to write this. I feel so honoured (and a bit nervous, haha), and I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts!

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(Robert McIntosh) #2

Well, with the proviso that I have not used Workplace and hope I never have to (not FB’s biggest fan) …

… the recommendations are clear and effective and nicely presented. Well done

(Renée Van Holsteijn) #3

Thank you @thirstforwine! I must say, I’m not a big fan of Facebook either. Workplace is pretty different: it’s not linked to your personal account, you’ll have a separate one. And it’s fee-based, which makes it ad-free (and your data will not be sold).
But I respect your opinion :slight_smile:

(Robert McIntosh) #4

it is not just ads and lack of respect for privacy, it is also about fitting users into their way of doing things (by turning off my settings and defaulting me back to their preferred ‘top stories’ for example) and keeping data, relationships and visibility within the prison walls (or shopping mall walls if you prefer) of Facebook.

I’ve rebelled against such walled areas since I broke myself free of AOL back in the late 1990s and I have no intention of going back :slight_smile:

They might improve some of the tools they offer CMs but by (eventually) replicating things into their ecosystem, not by integrating with the rest of the world and the tools and processes we already like, use and trust (witness the lack of tools for managing normal groups)

As someone who has tried to run real communities on Facebook for years, I no longer entrust my relationships to their brand as I do not believe it is in their DNA to care about me, my community or anyone else. On the contrary, I believe that if I make a success of anything within FB it actually leaves me more vulnerable as I become reliant on them (and they will then charge me for the privilege).

As I say, your recommendations are good ones for any community manager, and Workplace might be a way for many businesses to start to explore this world, but I hope their eyes are opened to the better options that exist elsewhere.

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(Sarah Hawk) #5

Good on you Renee – and thanks for sharing. I don’t know anything about Workplace, but your tips are pragmatic.

(Renée Van Holsteijn) #6

If you want to know more about Workplace (no - I’m not a sales person, haha), read my own blog in which I take you through the Workplace basics.