Tips on increasing overall community membership?

(Cathy Liu) #1

Hi everyone,
I manage an external technical support community on Jive Cloud platform. The community has been one-year-old and it still strives to build its presence and increases its membership stage.

What we have done to draw new members by far:

  1. Introduce the community during industrial conference and meetups.
  2. Include community link in Marketing communications emails.
  3. Share community posts on Twitter weekly.
  4. Publish blogs and maintain an editorial calendar to make sure we always have the fresh new content.
  5. Create product pages (specific product FAQs) where the members can easily find all information about that specific product.
  6. Build quests for each product page to help members explore the product pages.
  7. Produce training videos and write tutorials to help community members to learn and use the community.
  8. Plan to produce a promotion video to introduce the community to targeted members.

Would love to learn what other methods you used to effectively increase membership. Forgot to mention it is free membership.

Thank you!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

It looks like you’ve covered most of the main bases off. Do you know which of those channels is the most successful? If you can track where the majority of traffic comes from you could work to optimise those channels.

I wrote a series on optimising growth in communities a couple of years back. It should give you some tips. I’m happy to elaborate on anything you read there.

(Cathy Liu) #3

Thank you so much for your response and will start studying and post any follow-up questions if I have any.