Tips on getting community built in discourse

(Tom Beckett) #1

Hi. My first post so be patient with me.

I’m about to launch a community in discourse and am looking for recommendations about settings and whether to embed discourse into the site in order to make the message of our work stand out. At the moment it looks like things such as ‘About’ page and ‘FAQs’ of the community are accessible only when you sign in, and I think I’d like to have them available without login.

A few things about the settings which would be helpful:

  • Badges - should I tailor these from the get go?

  • Emojiis - how important are these?

  • Autmated emails - important to tailor these from the get go?

(remah) #2

I’ve only got a few minutes to respond so this will be short:

(Shreyas) #3

@remah has basically covered everything. Also, paging @HAWK because she’s build communities on Discourse(and now works at Discourse).

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Hey Tom,
I’m happy to help although TBH your questions are more general than Discourse specific.

I’d suggest that the closer you can tailor any aspect of your platform to your audience then the more engaging it is going to be. We write the defaults on Discourse to appeal to a general audience but encourage you to customise as much as possible.

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