Thoughts on maximum post length?

(David Powles) #1

I have a user in my community who posts extremely long, in-depth articles in the forum. They’re good content, but he often hits the character limit within the platform, and has repeatedly requested that it be raised. This has been done for him a couple of times, but he only hits the new limit eventually and the problem repeats. His content get some views, but generally don’t generate replies or conversation.

My reasoning for maintaining the limit is that the platform isn’t really the place for this, that overlong posts will deter rather than attract readers, and he’d be better off hosting his content elsewhere - perhaps sharing brief summaries or updates in the community and linking to his content. Outside of posting these articles, he shows little engagement, and has on occasion been a bit of an “intellectual bully” in responses to other contributors.

Before I put my foot down, is there any argument to be made for just giving him what he wants and providing a very high character limit?

(remah) #2

Is there anything else that counts for posting in your online community?
:heavy_check_mark: Content quality
:heavy_check_mark: Expertise
:x: Length
:x: Views - relevance and usefulness
:x: Replies - others responding
:x: Conversations - others engaging
:x: Engaging with others
:x: Helping others
:x: Respecting others

He may well appreciate your consideration and clear explanation. I did when I once maxed out a Drupal node with a long technical article.