The Unlimited Query Challenge

(Richard Millington) #1

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Signing up for a Wistia account, I came across this box.


It’s quite easy to change this to ‘What is your main goal in the community?’

Most people converge around a relatively small number of goals.

Now you can guide each person into unique groups, discussions, and set of automation rules based upon their specific objective (you can do this by any dropdown menu you like, but problem seems the most common).

This masks a more interesting challenge though. With Discourse (which we use) and many other platforms today we’re entering a stage where we can tag and segment members by almost any filter we can imagine.

Want to create a unique segment of members that joined 3 months ago, participated twice, and now only view once a month? We can do that.

Want to create a unique segment of members that have viewed 7 or more discussions mentioning ‘platform integration’ and replied to 3 of them? We can do that too.

Now any filter has become possible, we’re only restrained by our imagination…and that’s proving to be quite a headache.

What would be the best filter to run? What would you do with the information?

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