The pros and cons of SSO

(Darran Crook) #1

Quick question, I need other people’s opinions on using SSO as part of the
login process for our forum. Pros and cons…! Anyone share their

Hands up if you don't currently manage a community
(Sarah Hawk) #2

The experience depends on the platforms involved. Some make it super easy and others make it very cumbersome.

We use it here and it’s mostly good – it centralises data.

What platforms are you talking?

(Darran Crook) #3

Using customer account login for the website for SSO so it links to their
Salesforce account. Issues is only a small proportion of customers use
their website login so we are worried we won’t get many people signing up
to jojoba the community.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

It shouldn’t ultimately matter what platform handles the sign-up, it’s about how you handle registration in general. Regardless of whether it’s Salesforce or Jojoba that does the heavy lifting, you can have sign-up CTAs in multiple places and you can still tailor the information you request.

There is a section on registration forms in this persuasive technology workshop that I did last year which might offer some tips.