The process of launching a new community

(Suzanne Dulin) #1

Thank you @HAWK for inviting me to participate in this community.

I previously ran the largest and longest running yoga related discussion board on the web. Now that board has run its course.

I am currently working on creating a new community, . This one is also related to yoga, but has a specific focus not only on helping people learn about yoga, but on creating a business that supports them. It will be tied into a storefront - currently stocked with products from vendors I have solicited, but eventually I want it to be an outlet for people in the discussion board to sell products under a single brand. I want to cut out a lot of the marketing and branding efforts for yoga teachers so they can focus more on creating.

There is another aspect of the business, which is e-learning. I am developing 2 courses right now which will launch in April. I have another instructional designer working on a course as well. I also have access to materials another friend is already selling, which I hope to put into a nicer online delivery system for him and help him promote to a yoga market.

I want the e-learning course participants to have private forum areas and also to post in the public forum areas, and I want the public forums to feed the e-learning/catalog.

It’s all ambitious but I have support from the Masters program I’m in.

Right now I need help from the Feverbee community to grow the discussion board. I’m super excited to find this resource. The timing is perfect!

I have a Facebook Group that is engaging with me, and I do have a small Beta group that is interested in helping to do some work to get the Discourse based community off the group.

So, what are you working on?
(Sarah Hawk) #2

Sounds like an ambitious but exciting project @suzanne_dulin – we can definitely support you here.

Tell us about your current members. What do they have in common? What motivations do they have to contribute to your community? Are you hoping to gain more members or get your current ones to engage more?

In terms of general resources go, we have a huge reading list here which would make a good starting point.

Do you plan to move your Facebook group over to your Discourse community? The first thing I notice is that you have a really big list of categories. I’d cull that right down to just one or two, and then as the community grows, split it out into popular topics. We discuss that in more detail here.

If you need any other Discourse related guidance, ask away.

It might also be useful to connect with others that work in education/higher ed/professional dev communities. Calling @Allison_Jones @lpinto @MsCiaraB @juanchada @yaapipim @Kirstenhund @kharris @udacimiriam

(Suzanne Dulin) #3

Thank you for your suggestions. I will read through all the discussions.

I haven’t really decided about the Facebook group yet or not. I am using the Live capabilities there a lot and have gotten a lot of response on my Live events. Even though I have Zoom and can do videoconferences that way, people seem to really respond to the accessibility of the Live videos on Facebook.

Right now I am thinking to post the notes for my Live calls as blog posts, upload the recordings of those calls into Discourse, and try to push the conversations on the Live calls to Discourse, but I probably need to get my Beta group more involved to make that happen. I had beta group members help me test features and then it fizzled out, but I haven’t put a lot of energy into the Discourse board.