The Painfully Unexciting (And Critically Important) World Of Tagging

(Richard Millington) #1

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Everything changes when you see information from the perspective of the information seeker. I have thousands of documents stored across hundreds of folders in my Dropbox. They stretch back over a decade now. Many of them contain useful lessons, time-saving templates, and material we could use in the future. Unfortunately many of these are titled “[Client name] report”, “Richard Millington Presentation 3 FINAL”, or “Strategy and Metrics”. These titles make it impossible for the very people these documents might help to find them. This directly leads to a less informed team, duplication of work, and spending time hunting for the…

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #2

This “The upside here is proper tagging, taxonomy, and training are an untapped method to save a lot of time. The downside is it’s painfully boring to explain and implement.”

Timely post, @richard_millington as we continue work on our tagging system.

(Jenn Johnson) #3

This is super relevant to some client work I’m doing right now.

My current struggle is - what do we do (or in this case advise) when the enterprise solution is a collection of tools rather than an all in one. Say, Dropbox + Slack, rather than Jive? How do we instruct on taxonomy governance across a set of platforms?

Example: If the use case is: I’d like to see all “stuff” (discussions, documents, videos, etc) related to this set of terms (x category, y tag) so that I can understand the full set of tacit and explicit knowledge that has been shared around it, am I right that this becomes, well, impossible when you don’t have an all in one tool? Perhaps universal search (Cloudo, Coveo, could help connect, but I suspect that even in that case, it is search and general search relevancy vs the taxonomy (categories or tags) to any one of the assets in any one of the platforms. (And certainly can’t browse all by tag, yeah?). (Even Dropbox folders aren’t really providing metadata that is attached to the specific files within…)

Mostly thinking out loud here - would love to see if anyone has similar challenges and ideas.