The Most Advanced Online Community On The Web (A breakdown Of StackOverflow’s Online Community)


(Richard Millington) #1

In the past two weeks we’ve tackled Apple’s Support Community and Airbnb’s Host Community. This week we’re going to breakdown StackOverflow.

You can even watch the slideshare below (click here if it doesn’t appear), or read the breakdown below.

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(Robert McIntosh) #2

Very interesting, thanks. Going to study in detail.

One thing I noticed (or misunderstood) is on slide 7 you say “the ask question has curiously vanished” but it appears as the last menu option - is that not what you are referring to? Is it that they simply moved it to its own page to give it suitable screen real-estate?

(Richard Millington) #3

Yes, it was that it had vanished from the main window to a menu option.
Which is an interesting one as it suggests what activity is the most
important within the community.

(Jon Ericson) #4

I’m a Stack Overflow Community Manager, so I’m especially interested in this analysis. :wink: Thanks for the many kind words. A few random notes:

  • We recently reduced the size of the signup hero for anonymous users. It was really too obnoxious.

  • The mobile site has an “Ask” option rather than “Ask Question” to fit in the smaller space. We also tend to de-emphasize asking on Stack Overflow since we get more questions than can be answered. One of our current points of emphasis is decreasing the rate of objectively bad questions, but it’s an uphill battle.

  • On slide 36, the hats are part of a temporary event on the network. Most of the time we don’t have hats.

  • I think our onboarding is still a bit messy. It’s got some nice touches, but there are some confusing bits. I agree that the “where do you code” question is out of place here. Also, we are bit too coy about letting people know everything is optional.

  • Our brand has a space between Stack and Overflow, just so y’all know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, interesting analysis.

(Nick Emmett) #5

Hey @jericson - welcome to Feverbee! Great to have you here! It’s also great to actually hear someone from one of the communities featured in @richard_millington’s awesome breakdown’s come in here and post afterwards.