The games we play

(Todd Nilson) #1

… say a lot about us. In fact, online gaming is what got me into the world of online communities in the first place. I think that maybe that was @richard_millington’s start too.

I’ve got a long history of gaming going back to when I was very young. Instead of throwing around a football, my dad and I played just about every board game you could think of. I cut my first chess game board and pieces off the back of a box of Raisin Bran cereal. Then card games. Then RPGs. I love a game that’s got some strategy to it and gets me into a state of flow where I forget everything else. It’s my love of games that led to my interest in gamification too.

So what about you? Do you play mobile games? Do you a nerdcore Worlds of Warcraft fan? Is chess more your speed?

(Mark Baldwin) #2

I have a long and complicated relationship with games and what games I play has changed as I’ve got older and gaming now sits around my family responsibilities. No more hardcore raiding on WOW or playing online first person shooters. I do still love the big console games, but usually single player only. Recent games like Witcher 3 and Bloodbourne have been completed (big dark souls fan)

I also spend a lot of time on mobile games, mainly because I tell myself that I’m doing “research” Clash Royale is the new addiction. Yuo would think that after working in the video game industry for 20 years that the novelty would wear off, but it hasn’t yet.

Having said all that, I love playing board games with my kids and can’t wait until they are old enough for chess, Carcassonne and risk.

(christopher w) #3

That sounds very cool :slight_smile:

I’m into Backgammon and spend hours on flights playing the computer - kidding myself I’m awesome - 'til I next play a human and get whipped.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

One of my earliest game memories was typing hours of code into my ZX81 to write games like ‘Simon’. It was more about the code than the game though. You’d make one mistake and get a syntax error with no line no and have to try and find it. That was way more fun that Simon.

Since then I’ve never played another game on a computer. I have an addictive personality and I don’t want to fall into a hole that I can’t get out of.

I love playing board games with my kids though. They’re 7 and we’re currently at the Ludo and Junior Monopoly stage.

(Bo McGuffee) #5

My favorite type of game is the tabletop RPG. Sure, video game RPGs are great, but the best part of tabletop is the way it taps into imagination. There’s something magical in gathering and co-creating stories that you can share together.

(purldator) #6

I also be into RPGs. D&D I occasionally play. Used to be heavy into the video game RPGs.

But RP (sans Game) is my most favorite of “games” to play. Objectives in traditional RPGs are barely existent in this genre. Any “game” aspect comes from the inherent writing challenges to meet two big aspects of RP: narration and simulation. The Sims may be a good video game equivalent. What is seen, depicted in graphics becomes what I must simulate and structure via text so that participants see that picture within their mind, and not necessarily through their eye balls (other than reading the text). Very similar to “round robin” storytelling. Only difference comes from the character(s) a player controls and their turn gives them the creative freedom and the challenge to respond based on what happened just before, and being true to the character(s) controlled.

Below, a sample. […] denotes others’ turns to post (called a “pose” for some); AKA “the passage of time”.

Tarak’ha peers over to the menagerie below; he high above in the cabin’s structural rafters. Crouched low upon a sturdy timber beam, the dressed casual dapper Predator wearing his own Human-hair hued sweater, a pair of jeans and sturdy oxford work boots currently works on his own garment. Infrared yarn leading from a pouch attached to a denim belt loop gets worked row by row in the time it takes for the Human heart to pump blood through all four ventricles. And he is not looking to the work as it flows past deft thick fingers; beady eyes with tick-tock tiny periods for pupils discern the din he Lords by trophic Will. The same speed used to shuck a head off a pair of shoulders between eye-blinks now creates a fluffy sock on four double-pointed silicon-pitch needles in small gauge. He has yet to turn the heel, it appears. At his speed, however, soon. He be the Predator version of Christopher Walken. Including the deft clicking a knitter’s mantra ooms by those chitinous needles, and not from his mouth. Those iconic clatters patter low and at a comfortable rumble adding a second line of eerie organic percussion throughout the building.
Tarak’ha grins just enough via lifted and tucked upper tusks so he does not show too much teeth; hands still recreating a miniature demonstration of The Industrial Revolution’s many textile factories with those speedy knitting skills.
Tarak’ha’s eyes are still forward and attentive. He is not Human, so he got the mental cognitive processes to make knit and talk shit at the same time. He nods to the wave, amiable. Right upper mandible waves side to side like a jumping spider’s front pedipalps do as part of a funky mating dance.
Tarak’ha grunts, pauses his work; eyes light up, lids more alert. He checks what he got so far. The noises now be a bit perturbed, low staccato grunts, agitated, yet subdued. Those big hands with aged digits capped of black near-talon nails try to right the knitting in a new direction. Same thing as one tries to match north where they stand versus the map in their grasp. He re-starts and those fervid needle clicks rebound, the low pleased rumbles resonating from his bobbing adam’s apple and broad chest make their reappearance tandem.
Tarak’ha now has his jeans-covered Papa-Predator derriere to the timber he was previously crouched upon. One could imagine that beam to be made of steel and him among a highrise’s in-progress skeleton marking the concrete jungle’s iconic skyline and defining it anew. He just be without a hard hat. Right boot comes up; legs cross. The boot goes shucked, the Usbija exhaling a grunt in exertion. He has no sock, and the foot not really be a foot. At least, one would think he would have being what he is. Instead, it has the shape of a foot and the form be reminiscent of the acid-bleeding hard meats his kind hunt for their version of a Bar Mitzvah, only more bloody. Biomechanical. As is his knitting needles. The foot shows all the musculature, veins, and bit of bone, all as living silicon. Those dark toes flex, five toes like a Human, and not the usual Yautja genus phenotype with four toes and a side-thumb inside toward the arch; akin a monkey’s paw. And here he pulls what he just finished: a sock, thick, deep garish hue, that infrared. His face be lit up like it an early Christmas. Those eyes go wide, brow lifted and upper mandibles fiddling with some sorta psychotic glee. Two tips of an off-hued tongue peek betwixt small sharp flaxen aged teeth and happy dancing tusks. The sock goes on. Perfect Goddamn fit. His face relaxes, eyes soft. The prostheses flex silicon human-like piggies; makes the tip of that sock wiggle. He puts that boot back on, laces it and cinches the last tug at forming those bunny ear loops; jabbed and perfect in execution with hidden aggression, as a noose fit 'round a neck. Nothing else matters in this moment, at least until he finishes thus lifts his gaze; those rare times he has his attention hyper focused to mere tactile sensations. What a sensualist.

I suppose this doubles as my answer to what I am passionate about.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #7

Yeah, gamer checking in here :slight_smile:

I love strategic computer games, sims and turn-based-strategy mostly, but some good RPGs as well; currently actively playing Prison Architect, Fallout 4 and Factorio.
Waiting for an XCOM2 port that I can properly play, my Mac won’t allow it currently.

And yes, boardgames, love Game of Thrones (but it’s too long), Roborally and Dominion; but play a gazillion more with friends.

It’s good to relax, but it can be a massive time-sink :-/

(Nick Emmett) #8

So I’m trying to get involved in as many threads as possible at the minute, but this is one that I don’t have much to input on! I’ve never real been into the whole gaming thing. I used to play on my friends Spectrum ZX quite a bit, paperboy etc, then on another friends Amiga, which I quite enjoyed things like OutRun, some other driving things and the odd football game. My younger brother had a Sega Master System as a kid, bringing things like Speedball into our house and then I eventually had a Super Nintendo, where I basically played GoldenEye for a bit and then lost interest!

I got my first pc in 1997 after getting my first proper job, I still remember all the boxes being delievered and my elderly neighbour taking them in for me whilst we were all out at work! On that I used to prefer more strategy things - I used to play Microsoft Golf, Age of Empires, Football Manager and my only real action oriented game was NBA2000!

I do like the odd game of chess.

There, gaming from a non-gamer!

(Todd Nilson) #9

The addiction factor for games is one that I’ve constantly guarded myself against. It’s the main reason I’ve tended to shy away from massively multiplayer games in more recent years. I definitely have the tendency to get sucked in too!

(Katherine Mancuso) #10

I have a really complicated relationship with gaming and would say that Second Life got me into being a CM. I too cannot play MMOs after some serious Guild Wars addiction, lol. I mostly play strategy card games (Hearthstone, Star Realms, Dominion, Ascension).