The Book Cover Design - Can You Quickly Vote On Which You Like Best?

(Richard Millington) #1

If any of you (and @ALLIES) have a spare minute, can you quickly vote on which of these book designs you like best.

I’ll probably narrow it down to the top 2 and then ask for a second vote between those.

(Ernesto Izquierdo) #2

Thanks for the invite Rich, the number one result so far has a big male guy on the cover… a bit too male/power centric for my taste.



(Richard Millington) #3

Could be female too @Ernesto_Izquierdo :slight_smile:

It’s not my favourite book cover. Not going to say which are, but the results haven’t been what I’ve expected yet.

(Piper_Wilson) #4

@richard_millington - Do you think that outline could be a woman or are you saying that it could be changed to a woman?

(Richard Millington) #5

Does it matter? :slightly_smiling_face:


(Piper_Wilson) #6

I think you may want to get your eyes checked. :face_with_monocle:

(Joe Velez) #7

Neither of the top 3 would be my choice. :frowning:

NOTE: The 2 similar covers (flock of birds) is actually splitting the votes. The changes are so subtle between these 2.

Regardless, I WANT A COPY. Definitely different from your Buzzing Communities cover.

(Richard Millington) #8

If it helps, people are giving a rating for each rather than voting on the best.

It’s looking like the flying penguin won this one. But the process was interesting, everyone had VERY different opinions about what should be on the cover.

(Piper_Wilson) #9

@richard_millington - Which was your favorite, now that we have a winner. Just curious.

(Richard Millington) #10

I liked the penguins in a line.