The Allure of Off-Topic Discussions

(Richard Millington) #1

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You see it on many corporate facebook pages today.

The social media manager discovered lighthearted, off-topic, discussions boosted engagement metrics. Now most Facebook pages are almost entirely disconnected from any real strategy in the pursuit of engagement. This happens in communities too. You discover off-topic discussions boost activity and pursue more of it – regardless of strategy.

But once most discussions are off-topic, it becomes almost impossible to attract newcomers. Newcomers are attracted to valuable expertise shared by topical discussions.

So you end up with a shrinking group of familiar regulars (and a steady churn to zero).

Off-topic discussions are…

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(Sarah Hawk) #2

I think this comes down to educating managers so that engagement metrics aren’t used as primary KPIs. I think a lot of CMs have learned this behaviour because their performance was literally measured by number of posts per month.