The 6 Gibbs Characteristics And Provoking A Defensive Response

(Richard Millington) #1

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A warning provokes defensiveness on behalf of the participant. It’s the least effective way to change behavior. Gibbs lists 6 charac­terist­ics that will provoke a defensive response; being critic­al, controlling, guarded, aloof, superior, and dogmatic. Click to tweet A warning covers at least 3 (criticism, controlling, superiority). Once you warn a member, they can’t change…

(Bo McGuffee) #2

Excellent article! I’m sharing it with my mod team.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

That second approach doesn’t actually address the issue of the existing link, only future behaviour. How would you handle that?

(ForumSentinel) #4

That’s a good article although that definitely has to be tailored for the community temperament and on a member by member basis. Our community is of a similar attitude to 4chan and the more aggressive Sub-Reddits much of the time thus they only respond to a little aggression and firmness in return. If you try to be too “lovey-dovey” for lack of a better term haha, they’ll step all over you. Some users simply have no other agenda but to be troublemakers, they don’t want to learn and to treat them any different is wasting your time imo.