The $5 Giveaway On The To-Do List

(Richard Millington) #1

A recent question asked: “What are the best giveaways to promote a customer community? (must be under $5)”

This is a crazy question to ask.

Giveaways neither drive people to a site or keep people participating. At best, they can work as a variable reward for really great contributions, but they’re far more likely to be a silly distraction for everyone.

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(Rebecca Braglio) #2

In my opinion, giveaways are rarely worth the time and effort. However, I have had one instance where the payoff was worth it: I did a few giveaways (retail value approx. $50) when I was in the pet industry and then tracked every person who entered and the winner afterwards (to see what actions, if any, they took after the contest was over).

I had some interesting results. In general, the majority of the winners did come back and continue to participate (I don’t remember for how long though, but it was at least a few months).

But was that in and of itself worth the effort of putting it all together, shipping it out, etc.? Shrug. Did it make the members happy?

I think giveways are so common place now it’s almost becoming an expectation.