The $5 Giveaway On The To-Do List

(Richard Millington) #1

A recent question asked: “What are the best giveaways to promote a customer community? (must be under $5)”

This is a crazy question to ask.

Giveaways neither drive people to a site or keep people participating. At best, they can work as a variable reward for really great contributions, but they’re far more likely to be a silly distraction for everyone.

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(Rebecca Braglio) #2

In my opinion, giveaways are rarely worth the time and effort. However, I have had one instance where the payoff was worth it: I did a few giveaways (retail value approx. $50) when I was in the pet industry and then tracked every person who entered and the winner afterwards (to see what actions, if any, they took after the contest was over).

I had some interesting results. In general, the majority of the winners did come back and continue to participate (I don’t remember for how long though, but it was at least a few months).

But was that in and of itself worth the effort of putting it all together, shipping it out, etc.? Shrug. Did it make the members happy?

I think giveways are so common place now it’s almost becoming an expectation.

(Paul Mosca) #3

We are brand new to organizing a learning community. The big idea was to invite forum starters to engage and begin the conversations. Here are the details of the program. Give out swag to the forum leader. They would have little cards to invite others to the forum topic they created. At the end of reaching three badges we would give out gift cards.

I’m now seeing this program just like at give away. MY question: Any of the requirements or modifications seem like they will help? Improvements?