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Guys, I need some help.
Been searching a lot for a platform that combines Support/Servicedesk with Community fpr a growing software company that needs to revamp their current support process.
Starting with being able to raise a ticket, one would want a forum and a a knowledge base to evolve and then slowly grow to a full community experience.
Anybody has any good experience with such a platform ?
Thx & best regards,
Wilfried Rijsemus

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Hi Wilfried,

I don’t usually like to self-promote: But creating a community beyond support is what we do at You can build out the community starting with Discussions Topics (including mark as solved answers etc) but also add a knowledge base, events, user contributed blogs, feature requests and more to build a great ecosystem.

A good example of a software company using it like that would be Neptune Software who built a community with Docs, Blogs, Events and more community activities. (Case Study)

What we don’t offer, and what very few platforms do, is perform everything (including tickets) in the same software solution, because a proper support backend is a platform on itself (we would prefer looking at integrations).

  • Zendesk comes close, as they have their own community product, sadly it is very limited in terms of community features.
  • Insided is doing nice things lately, but also very focused on just a forum, no ticketing, events, blogs, etc.

Feel free to connect (I guess we’re both based in Amsterdam) via PM if you want to learn more.

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HI Wilfred, I currently manage a community for a software company with a client side. We have our support access point in the community.

There are two sides to this. One, it can provide easy access to ticketing for those who have the permissions set up. Flip-side is it can become confusing for the customer members to understand there is a difference between the ticketing support staff, and your customers helping customers in the knowledge sharing forum.

There needs to be constant nurturing that it is an open-customer sharing knowledge discussion forum so people are respectful and are not harsh on members trying to provide help.

Once this hurdle is overcome people get into the groove and help. What is key is providing them with opportunities to gather and share what they are working on and need more knowledge about. Try not to command their conversations as the moderator with “all the product knowledge”, instead call in other members who have helped answer or asked similar questions. This will help to nurture them along the pathway of helping each other.

Also, when I say “call them in” use a tone of being curious if they could help another person.

For example I noticed in another post @mention was chatting with @metion on this same topic, (topic here) a few (days/weeks/months) ago.

@callinperson mention would you have any insights to share that might help member @mention with their current question about (paste question here so when they get email they know the ask) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have been doing this for over four years, and only twice has a member said “sorry I can’t help out” in an off tone out of over 26,000 members. Most people join the conversation with a knowledge share or will say they don’t know but would love to learn. Then well, back to your membership to find someone else to call in.

If your just starting up, it is key to get some staff support to help clean up the unaswered questions at the end of the week. This will show customers that the company is also open to sharing the load.

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Hey Wilfried,
We can help at Discourse. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to talk further.

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Hey @wilfriedrijsemus - we’re a Cloud ERP company and use Salesforce to provide community and support as you describe it using Salesforce’s Community Cloud platform - do you have a CRM currently?

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Hi Nick,
Thx for the response. I know that SF is the only platform who can do this but at a cost of course.
I am looking for SMB solution who can do the same. 80% of all community platforms are used as a Social Support/Case Deflection. Imho I feel that this is a real white spot with community tools these days. It supports the model of “Ask a question and if needed continue to buy/get support”

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Thanks Tamara,

Is this one tool with one identity or two tools with separate logins?

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Can you point me to some study material?

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Thx Robert,

Zendesk is indeed limited and is at the root of my question. It is a dead end street to evolve a community.
I’ll give Robin a call at Insided. Haven’t talked to him in ages.

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