Supplier / Manufacture Strategy

(Chris Detzel) #1


I’m putting together a strategy for Suppliers to post, answer and provide content on our community in Germany and North America. My main focus, though will be Germany.

I’m wanting to convince them of why a supplier should post and add content to our community. I need your help. So far, I have come up with some ideas, but before I post them here, I would like to see how others have convinced suppliers to get on their communities to add video’s, post how to’s, act as an expert and answer questions that relate to them and that they can influence.

Below are some of my strategies, goals and efforts from previous posts.

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(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hey Chris,
What’s the no 1 value prop for them? I suspect it’s getting leads and keeping the quality of their product info high in the public space. So I’d tell them that.

I recently did something similar with our platform tool – we needed vendors to provide us with a LOT of information.

I convinced (most of) them to turn it around fast by telling them that they’d likely get more leads if potential clients had all the info they needed.

I guess continuing to engage on your platform will also keep them front of mind and increase the service experience in comparison to suppliers that don’t.

i.e. I know that if people have qs about Vanilla they can get a really quick response here from @Adrian
Same goes for Zapnito and @dean_samways

(Adrian Speyer) #3

@hawk appreciate the call out

Hi @Chris_Detzel: So here is my perspective. We get inundated with requests. It seems every week there is a website asking for us to add our info and join in. We all have limited bandwidth and time. We have to chose places/brands we feel comfortable with, in the sense they are quality websites/communities. Beyond that though, to engage as a vendor, I need to know that my end customers will find the space trustworthy too.

To me success in these requests happens one of a couple of ways:

  1. You are sending quality referrals (i.e. traffic or opportunities) my way. This can happen from the content on the community, and the interactions are so valuable I don’t want to miss out. It could be a space where our experience could bring value and attract more business. This will make it a no brainer to invest the time, and seek out ways we can work together. So in this scenario you are pushing to us, and we are pulled in. We can’t ignore your space because you’ve gotten our audience or potential audience there.

  2. You do as Feverbee has. The team at Feverbee has consistently proven to be a valuable resource for the community. @hawk didn’t need to push us hard to convince us to participate in the tool, because we knew they had the audience and there was value for us to spend the time. In this scenario, we are pulled in, because the content/space/community make it impossible (or hard to) ignore. This takes longer to achieve, but essentially like #1, only once you are more established.

I hope that gives some perspectives :slight_smile:

Anyway, that’s my perspective and I hope it helps.

(Chris Detzel) #4

@Adrian This is helpful. I do think some of our suppliers want to participate, but, in our industry, this kind of thing is new. Finding a resource and finding the right person that can help drive the content from a digital standpoint is not easy. Suppliers in our industry are just now finding and seeing value on eCommerce sites and communities.

(Richard Millington) #5

Just wanted to say we appreciate this @Adrian